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OHM Silver 6oz Pipe Tobacco
OHM Silver 6oz Pipe Tobacco
OHM Silver 6oz Pipe Tobacco

The OHM Silver Pipe Tobacco 6oz is the perfect size if you’re looking or a new tobacco blend to try. It’s perfect if you want to mix flavors, going on a trip or want to try a new OHM blend out! If you feel that their BLUE is still too strong, then Silver is definitely the flavor you’ll want to smoke! It’s super mile and mellow, allowing for a really easy going smoke that focuses less on flavoring and is more about the actual tobacco instead. It’s a very light-bodied smoke that is smooth and even cut for an enjoyable smoking experience no matter your smoking level. OHM Silver Pipe Tobacco 6oz is actually perfect for new smokers who don’t enjoy harsh or strong tobacco tastes. The medium-cut tobacco is ideal for both pipes and rolling papers, minimizing shake and stems with a unique filtering process before it’s packaged. This method means that every bag is perfectly mixed and flavored for the best smoking experience possible.

Intercontinental Trading
Ohm Pipe Tobacco
6oz Bag
Ultra Light

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Tina H on 06/08/2023
it burns a little to quickly but has a good taste

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