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OHM Silver 16oz Pipe Tobacco
OHM Silver 16oz Pipe Tobacco
OHM Silver 16oz Pipe Tobacco

When OHM’s Blue blend is still too strong for your liking, OHM Silver Pipe Tobacco 16oz will definitely be more up your alley. The very, very mild and easy going blend is amazing because it doesn’t have an overpowering aftertaste and is very mellow. OHM Silver Pipe Tobacco 16oz is great for novice smokers and those who want something so easy they forget that they’re smoking! It’s a very light-bodied blend that burns evenly and consistently no matter whether you smoke it in a pipe or in papers. OHM Silver Pipe Tobacco 16oz leaves behind a very low room note so that you can simply relax and enjoy your smoke, as well as those around you. Each bag is packaged for optimal freshness thanks to its resealable bag to preserve the integrity of the delicious tobacco blends inside. The texture of OHM Silver Pipe Tobacco 16oz is coarse cut, so it’s perfect for any smoking medium you prefer.

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Ohm Pipe Tobacco
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Top Customer Reviews

Cathy A on 12/07/2023

Robert C on 11/08/2023
Fresh and the smoothest, most aromatic of any other brand.

Sandra L on 09/25/2023
Thank goodness they changed it back. I quit buying this for awhile as the cut was too fine.

Bob A on 08/30/2023

Brian D on 08/17/2023

John S on 07/20/2023
I've been rolling my own smokes for 8 years, mostly to save on cash. Eight years ago I used to smoke Camel Crush Blue and my wife... Marlboro Red kings. We both are very happy and content with this 'OHM Silver" tobacco paired with cigarette tubes with a white filter. My choice of tubes is either the ZEN White Light Blue or the GOLDEN HARVEST Light Blue tubes. I usually would order anywhere from four to seven 1lb bags of the OHM Silver at a time, and even with the shipping charges, it's still cheaper than my local smoke shop plus, all the smoke shops in my area don't carry my favorite brand. Same with the cigarette tubes, I'll order twenty to thirty boxes at a time. And, when I place my order, three or four days later its at my door.

Mike R on 06/20/2023

Roman M on 03/30/2023

James Z on 01/24/2023
We need to let you know that James passed away on Jan 1,2023. If he has a standing order please stop the account. James family, thank you

Leroy S on 01/20/2023

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