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OHM Menthol 6oz Pipe Tobacco
OHM Menthol 6oz Pipe Tobacco
OHM Menthol 6oz Pipe Tobacco

If you’re looking to try out a new minty fresh tobacco blend then look no further than OHM Mint Pipe Tobacco 6oz! The bag is small, but holds just enough tobacco blend to really satisfy your senses so that you can see if your taste buds enjoy it, too! But trust us, you will. It’s a very intoxicating blend that will be your new favorite blend. OHM Mint Pipe Tobacco 6oz is much more cooler and more refreshing than OHM’s original blend thanks to a refreshing minty taste and scent that will entice your taste buds and have them wanting more and more. It’s strong and robust in flavor, making it an exceptional smoke for any novice or experienced smoker. OHM Mint Pipe Tobacco 6oz is medium cut and satisfying to your smoking urges. The blend also limits shake and stems thanks to a very intricate filtering process used before packaging. It’s the perfect size and price to try out a new blend that you’ll find yourself craving all day long!

Intercontinental Trading
Ohm Pipe Tobacco
6oz Bag

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Wes S on 03/10/2023

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