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Good Stuff Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz
Good Stuff Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz
$14.29 $13.29
Good Stuff Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz

Flavor is everything in a good tobacco and that’s exactly what you when you choose The Good Stuff Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz. Great for pipes and for rolling your own cigarettes, The Good Stuff Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz features a great blend of bold and robust flavors that have a consistent and even cut. The tobacco has a mild smell, but a bold taste and a smooth finish that’s clean. You’ll appreciate the fact that there is no aftertaste with The Good Stuff Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz as you would find with other tobacco varieties. As one of the best selling blends on the market, you’ll come to crave The Good Stuff Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz morning, noon and night. Besides the bold flavor, each bag is carefully sealed as a way to minimize shake. Plus, each bag is totally affordable and cheap, allowing you the chance to stock up on The Good Stuff Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz bags.

Privateer Tobacco Company
The Good Stuff
Full Flavor

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Top Customer Reviews

Patrick D on 02/20/2019
Has a little too much bite for me.

Thomas M on 04/16/2019
Excellent American blend. I've been smoking it for about 12 years.

Nicholas D on 04/25/2019
Just ordered this for the first time...So far it seems good, not too much trash in the bag (sticks/stems) I usually buy Wild Horse so I will see if I like this brand as much or better...

Mark R on 04/20/2020

David G on 01/08/2020
Exactly as expected. Tobacco is fresh and delivery was prompt . Always recommend

Connie G on 01/18/2020

Janette W on 03/31/2020

Vincent Z on 05/26/2020

Scott L on 04/07/2020

Cheryl B on 04/06/2020

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