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Average Price : $18.29

4 Aces

Average Price : $11.22

752 Degrees

Average Price : $10.98

American Club

Average Price : $7.79 Deal

Black O

Black O

Average Price : $9.72

Borkum Riff

Average Price : $52.25


Average Price : $11.39


Average Price : $10.04

Captain Black

Average Price : $44.73

Carter Hall

Average Price : $32.39


Average Price : $11.92


Average Price : $14.19

Criss Cross

Average Price : $11.66 Deal

Farmers Gold

Farmers Gold

Average Price : $14.69

Five Brothers

Average Price : $31.89


Average Price : $11.24

Golden Harvest

Average Price : $11.80

Golden Harvest Select

Average Price : $10.72 Deal

Golden Leaf

Golden Leaf

Average Price : $15.29

Good Stuff Tobacco

Average Price : $10.84 Deal

Buy 6 Or More, Save $0.50/Bag!

Great Choice

Great Choice

Average Price : $8.69

Half and Half

Average Price : $30.04

High Card

Average Price : $8.14

Hot Rod

Average Price : $9.94

Kentucky Select

Average Price : $10.35 Deal

Buy 6 Or More, Save $0.50/Bag!

Kentuckys Best

Kentuckys Best

Average Price : $10.84

Lane Limited

Average Price : $42.99


Average Price : $9.85


Average Price : $15.79 Deal

Buy 6 Or More, Save $0.50/Bag!



Average Price : $10.20


Average Price : $28.24

Prince Albert

Average Price : $32.99

Red River

Average Price : $11.42


Average Price : $13.56

Sir Walter Raleigh

Average Price : $34.14

Smokers Pride

Average Price : $27.59

Smokin G

Average Price : $8.79

Southern Steel

Average Price : $10.69


Average Price : $10.99

Super Value

Average Price : $27.01

Ten Pointer

Average Price : $8.97

Tin Star

Average Price : $8.34

Triple Crown

Average Price : $15.69


Average Price : $11.39


Average Price : $12.39

Pipe Tobacco

Widely known for being versatile and cost-effective, pipe tobacco isn’t just for pipe smokers! In fact, many people prefer to roll their own cigarettes with this type of tobacco! Not only is it cleaner, better tasting, and affordable, but it’s also a huge money-saver as well.

In fact, a 1lb bag of ANY type of tobacco can roll up to 600 filtered cigarettes, which is equivalent to 3 cartons! Best of all, a 1lb bag cost roughly $15 on any given day, regardless of where you live in the United States!

Regarding cigarette tubes, well, you can score a 200ct box of king-size or 100s for about $3 on average, so as you can see, you can produce up to 3 cartons for just 20 bucks! Plus, we’ll deliver straight to your front door, even if you live in NYC where cigarette prices are $15+ per pack! That said; we’ll give you a minute to work out the math based on where you live, and then you’ll see how much you could be saving if you were to switch today!

As for rolling pipe tobacco into filtered cigarettes, it’s faster than going to the store, saving you more than just money, but time as well. Indeed, the Powermatic IV electric cigarette rolling machine can punch out 20 perfectly manufactured cigarettes in roughly 5 minutes! Can you go to the store, buy a pack of squares, and come back home in that amount of time? Probably not, unless you live next door to the store, literally.

Furthermore, roll-your-own pipe tobacco comes in several unique and original flavors such as red, gold, silver, menthol, menthol gold, natural, and smooth. Therefore, there’s a flavor for every type of cigarette smoker!

Now, all you have to do is select a brand and you’ll be on your way to smoking better and saving a ton of cash that you will notice immediately! From our experience, some of the best-selling brands include The Good Stuff, OHM, Kentucky Select, Golden Harvest, Criss Cross, Cherokee, Bugler, and American Club just to name a few!

In addition to that, we also carry traditional pipe tobacco as well, which isn’t recommended for cigarette rolling. That’s right; we offer brands from Backwoods, Borkum Riff, Captain Black, Carter Hall, Five Brothers, Middleton's Cherry, Paladin, Prince Albert, Super Value, Valet, and our personal favorite, Sir Walter Raleigh!

We also offer a large variety of tobacco pipes from Dr. Grabow! Pipe styles include the Duke, Full Bent, Grand Duke, Golden Duke, Lark, Omega, Rivera, Royal Duke, & Savoy! Not to mention, we also have a vast selection of Missouri Meerschaum pipes as well. So if you enjoy smoking pipe tobacco in a corn cob pipe, then you’ll definitely want to check out these tobacco pipes today!

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