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Good Stuff Silver Pipe Tobacco 16oz
Good Stuff Silver Pipe Tobacco 16oz
$14.29 $13.29
Good Stuff Silver Pipe Tobacco 16oz

Sometimes, you don’t want a powerful smoke and for times like these you’ll want to fill your pipe or roll your cigarettes using The Good Stuff Silver Pipe Tobacco 16oz! You’ll love the more relaxing smoking experience it provides since it has a less overpowering taste and aroma. The Good Stuff Silver Pipe Tobacco 16oz is the perfect blend to start off with as you begin your smoking journey. It has no harness at all and practically no tobacco aftertaste. It’s definitely a tobacco gem in the industry and is amazing as an everyday tobacco option. Your taste buds will crave the mellow and smooth flavor profile The Good Stuff Silver Pipe Tobacco 16oz offers. Even casual smokers will love indulging in The Good Stuff Silver Pipe Tobacco 16oz! Besides the fantastic smooth taste, smokers also love its affordable price that won’t break the bank.

Privateer Tobacco Company
The Good Stuff
Ultra Light

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Top Customer Reviews

Leo W on 01/15/2020

Mark R on 11/21/2020
great yabacco

Eli L on 03/08/2020
Very smooth smoke, great for relaxing

Brenda C on 04/06/2020
Best tobacco we've found. Been rolling our own for many years. Use it with Premiere Light King tubes for a smooth smoke.

Richard H on 04/07/2020
Very fast delivery

Rodney S on 04/08/2020

Frank G on 04/09/2020
Been using this tobacco for over 10 years. Love rolling my own.

Sandra L on 08/16/2020
I’m sure I’ll love it but still haven’t received my order.

Tiffany B on 04/10/2020

John G on 04/11/2020
Very happy with this product. Price was much better than the retail store we were using even with the shipping.

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