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American Club Blue 16oz Pipe Tobacco
American Club Blue 16oz Pipe Tobacco
American Club Blue 16oz Pipe Tobacco

Tobacco should be a no frills experience and that’s exactly what you get when you try American Club Blue 16oz Pipe Tobacco! The classic tasting tobacco that American Club offers features a base of Kentucky and Virginia blends that are mellow and light. The Virginia has a mild grass and citrus flavor profile, while the Kentucky is lightly nut sweet, toasted and has a little bit of an Earth note to it. But despite their smoothness, you’ll love their flavor and the fact that they are priced low! Both novice and seasoned smokers love the smooth flavor that’s great for smoking morning, noon and night. Regardless if you roll your own cigarettes or use a pipe, you’ll find that American Club Blue 16oz Pipe Tobacco is better than any other light blend you’ve ever tasted. While the flavor is amazing, you’ll love it’s low and affordable price even more.

Lake Erie Tobacco Company
American Club
16oz(1lb) Bag

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Top Customer Reviews

Nehemiah L on 01/26/2024

Aubrey N on 01/25/2024

Kevin F on 01/23/2024
It does have a nice cut to it. Has a bit of stems in it, but that seems to be the trend these days. I would pick this over Gambler. My last two bags of Gambler were terrible. I ripped tube after tube. I am done with Gambler for good.

Frederick Y on 01/21/2024
This tobacco is pure long stranded with no powder at the bottom.

Cherie M on 01/18/2024
Great tobacco & great price! Smooth flavor and easy to roll. Perfect for making ultra-light type cigarettes.

daniel s on 01/16/2024

Joe R on 11/21/2023

Donna R on 11/13/2023

David C on 10/31/2023

geraldine a b on 10/25/2023
No complaints… & service is excellent

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