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Good Stuff Gold Pipe Tobacco 16oz
Good Stuff Gold Pipe Tobacco 16oz

Buy Any 6 Bags of Good Stuff Tobacco 16oz Save $0.50/Bag!

Good Stuff Gold Pipe Tobacco 16oz

Nothing beats great tobacco, so if you want the best go for The Good Stuff Gold Pipe Tobacco 16oz! It’s the perfect blend for smokers who feel that their Full Flavor Red option is too strong for them. Beginners will appreciate the amazing taste without the harsh bite or aftertaste when they go for The Good Stuff Gold Pipe Tobacco 16oz. The less robust blend has just as much flavor and character as the regular blend, but is smoother and more enjoyable. As a popular blend, smokers like The Good Stuff Gold Pipe Tobacco 16oz not only for its great taste, consistent burn and mellow flavor, but for its price. As one of the best sellers in the industry, The Good Stuff Gold Pipe Tobacco 16oz won’t make you go broke! It’s priced affordably so that you can stock up on your new go-to tobacco blend for your pipe or rolled cigarettes.

Privateer Tobacco Company
The Good Stuff

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Top Customer Reviews

Don B on 08/18/2022

jennifer c on 08/18/2022

Robert A on 08/17/2022
Great product great price

Joyce B on 08/16/2022

Bruce V on 07/21/2022

William B on 07/11/2022

Tabatha M on 06/27/2022
I smoked marlboro red label shorts so this was perfect for me. It's smooth but has that just right amount of kick that a marlboro gives. Just got to figure out how to pack it with just the right amount though.

Hal H on 06/17/2022
Best tubes I’ve used

Adrian A on 06/10/2022

Wendall W on 06/09/2022
Just like the name says: Good Stuff

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