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Good Stuff Natural Pipe Tobacco 16oz
Good Stuff Natural Pipe Tobacco 16oz

Buy Any 6 Bags of Good Stuff Tobacco 16oz Save $0.50/Bag!

Good Stuff Natural Pipe Tobacco 16oz

The Good Stuff Natural Pipe Tobacco 16oz is packed with lots of natural tobacco taste that you’ll come to love! If you want something void of harsh tasting chemicals or treatments, The Good Stuff Natural Pipe Tobacco 16oz is what you need. Every bag of The Good Stuff Natural Pipe Tobacco 16oz features a fresh batch of tobacco that’s sealed in with all the traditional flavors you won’t find in any other bag. As for the flavor of the tobacco itself, you’ll find that Natural is a lot closer to the brand’s Gold offering. It does tend to burn smoother and is more forgiving, which is why newbies will love it. You’ll find yourself craving some The Good Stuff Natural Pipe Tobacco 16oz because it’s sensationally great! As one of the best selling blends in the industry, you’ll have a satisfying smoking experience with every puff you take. You’ll also appreciate how evenly cut The Good Stuff Natural Pipe Tobacco 16oz is so that it has a consistent feel. Each bag is also sealed just right to

Privateer Tobacco Company
The Good Stuff
16oz (1lb)

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Top Customer Reviews

Dan K on 03/23/2022

Gerald P on 02/25/2022

Yvette S on 01/25/2022
I love the flavor. My only complaint is there are too many stem/vines in it. I have to pick them all out before I can use it in my automatic cigarette roller. Which is time consuming. That prevents me from getting a good rolled cigarette if I don’t take them out. Other than that, I like it.

Walter E on 01/10/2022

Catherine D on 12/28/2021
The flavor is just right for me ty

Ebraheem M on 12/03/2021

Laura M on 12/03/2021
i used to buy this tobacco when i lived in clevland tennessee moved to denver co and they don't sell it here. so i called the store i used to buy it at and they gave me the name of it. (i forgot) I am on social sec and cannot afford ready made cigs. this is the best loose tabacco i have ever smoked. glad i found your product on the internet. i will be ordering this on a regular basis THANK YOU

Dorothy H on 11/01/2021

Robert M on 10/26/2021
Good tobacco very few stems. Good cut and smooth flavor.

Ken P on 10/14/2021

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