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Manufacturer : Global Tobacco, LLC
Brand : Black O
Qty. / Pkg. : 16oz(1lb) Bag
Blend : Coolmint

Black O Pipe Tobacco

Perfectly refined and super smooth, Black O Pipe Tobacco is for those who want to take their smoking experience to the next level. Thanks to a clean, even finish with every smoke, Black O Pipe Tobacco is a very versatile option for those who prefer the art of rolling or pipe packing. Black O Pipe Tobacco sets a new standard in tobacco regardless of how you prefer to smoke it. Black O Pipe Tobacco is made in the U.S.A. and offers an uncompromising smoke since it utilizes quality tobacco leaves that are highly sought after in the industry. Add in affordable prices and Black O Pipe Tobacco will become your new go-to smoking tobacco!

Black O Pipe Tobacco comes in three different flavors, providing you with a few alluring smoking options. Black O Pipe Cool Mint infuses a refreshing menthol flavor you’ll love from start to finish. Black O Regular is their classic blend and full of robust Tobacco flavor. The Black O Smooth option is a lighter option that’s still satisfying and smooth. Regardless of what flavor you choose, Black O Pipe Tobacco is premium tobacco mixed with an affordable price.


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