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Black O Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Black O Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Black O Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco

Smooth and refined, Black O Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco is super affordable! As one of the best value tobaccos you can get, you’ll never want to switch blends once you try Black O Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco. You’ll be able to pack your pipe or roll your own cigarettes with ease knowing that you’re not breaking the bank with your smoking. The blend is intoxicating and delicious, making you crave a puff day and night. But that’s the great thing about Black O Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco – it’s ideal for any occasion. From morning smokes to after dinner puffs, you’ll find that you can’t get enough of Black O Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco once you’ve tried it. The flavorful blend is made using premium tobacco leaves that you won’t find with other value tobacco options. Made in the U.S., smoking some Black O Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco is like smoking the best of the best!

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Top Customer Reviews

Samantha H on 08/15/2022
It is smooth and a pleasing smell.

Adriana J on 08/03/2022

James M on 03/03/2022

Frederick R on 11/17/2021
Reasonable price Delivered in a few days

Shannon S on 10/12/2021
Great middle of the road smooth/light tobacco. This is my 2nd purchase from this seller and their service and shipping times are fantastic. Definitely a recommended seller!

Shannon P on 09/06/2021

Vicki M on 08/30/2021
It's like the other tobaccos that I have already tried. It advertises "Smooth " but I couldn't tell a difference.

Patricia I on 06/24/2021

MICHAEL N on 06/17/2021
WAY better than I expected. For a light tobacco, it's on the lighter side. It's fine cut so expect some shake. I didn't find any stems or sticks and it works well with my injector. Will be ordering this again!!!

Robert M on 06/20/2020
Excellent service and price. I will only order from you people. Honest and trustworthy, very quick delivery. Good specials.

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