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Manufacturer : Seneca Manufacturing
Brand : Warrior
Qty. / Pkg. : 16oz(1lb)
Blend : Full Flavor

Warrior Pipe Tobacco

If you want something rich and bold in flavor, go with Warrior Pipe Tobacco! This genuine Native American blend is pure quality at affordable prices that can’t be beat. The Warrior is highly admired for being strong, brave and committed to his task at hand, just like this strong blend that will give your senses a well needed kick! The eye-catching packaging is bold and colorful, just like the flavors of its several blends. If you’re looking for an iconic smoke that doesn’t hurt your wallet, look no further than Warrior Pipe Tobacco!

You’ll be glad you tried it because you’ll definitely love it. After one try, you’ll ditch any of you other blends and just want Warrior Pipe Tobacco. Your taste buds will literally crave it all day long. But thanks to its low price, you’ll be able to indulge in your new favorite premium smoking blend. Warrior Pipe Tobacco comes in three different blends and each one is amazing. Full Flavor is bold and flavorful, while Silver is a less intense cousin of the Full blend. If you love mint and a cool zest, then try Warrior Pipe Tobacco Menthol blend!


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