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OHM Bold 16oz Pipe Tobacco
OHM Bold 16oz Pipe Tobacco
OHM Bold 16oz Pipe Tobacco

The bolder the better is how we like our tobacco, how about you? If you’re like us then you’ll want to try OHM Bold Pipe Tobacco 16oz, which is one of the best brands on the market. Your taste buds will delight in knowing they’ll experience rich, bold and strong tobacco when you smoke OHM Bold Pipe Tobacco 16oz to curb your daily urges. The Bold blend is better experienced by veteran smokers given it features a medium-to-full body flavor that will tantalize their senses. OHM Bold Pipe Tobacco 16oz features a medium-cut tobacco that limits shake and stems thanks to an intricate filtering process right before it’s packaged in a resealable bag. This means that the blend is perfectly mixed so that you get a smoke filled with flavor and unlike any other smoke you’ve ever had. Plus, the price of OHM Bold Pipe Tobacco 16oz is very affordable and won’t break the bank. It’s filled with great flavor at an economical price!

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Ohm Pipe Tobacco

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Joanne N on 01/20/2020

Jason S on 06/15/2020

PAUL c on 02/16/2021

Diane C on 04/29/2020

LeRoy H on 05/05/2020

Kory T on 04/18/2020

LORI T on 04/28/2020

Timothy B on 07/29/2020
My first try at RYO and very satisfied. I gave up my beloved Camel non-filters years ago due to cost. Been smoking' junk ever since. This stuff is very close to perfect. Best smoke in years! (With Gambler Red tubes.)

Sheanna H on 07/19/2020
This is my husband's favorite tobacco. We used to smoke Marlboro red blacks before I started rolling. We use beretta tubes. He prefers this over a Marlboro now. Very fast shipping! We ordered on a Sunday and it shipped the very next day!!

constantin c on 12/22/2020

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