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OHM Blue 16oz Pipe Tobacco
OHM Blue 16oz Pipe Tobacco
OHM Blue 16oz Pipe Tobacco

Nothing beats the non-aromatic goodness of OHM Blue Pipe Tobacco 16oz. The best Virginia and Burley tobaccos are combined to create what has to be one of the best mellow blends on the market. You’ll absolutely adore the taste that OHM Blue Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz provides, which is smooth, mild and oh so good! The taste is very delectable and the smoke consistency is very soothing. It’s really a one-of-a-kind blend that can’t be beat! OHM Blue Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz is known to leave behind a low room note that’s great for any novice smoker. However, smokers that prefer mild tobacco blends will also appreciate the smooth aftertaste that’s not very overpowering. Besides the amazing taste, you’ll fall in love with the amazing price! It’s affordable and wallet friendly, allowing you to stock up on OHM Blue Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz without spending a small fortune.

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Ohm Pipe Tobacco

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Top Customer Reviews

jim z on 05/29/2023

Dwayne S on 04/21/2023
I haven't opened every bag. The first bag has a much better cut. Not as rough. Fewer jams when using the injector, it's awesome.

Anna H on 04/16/2023
It is for my son, and he is very picky, and he loves it

Jason J on 04/12/2023

Dee B on 04/11/2023
Good tobacco & it arrived in a timely manner!!

Cecilia P on 04/10/2023
Hubby loves this. Compatible to Marlboro lights. He's saving at least $300/mth by rolling his own cigarettes.

Wes S on 03/10/2023

Jane H on 03/07/2023

Darrell M on 01/17/2023

James D on 12/23/2022
Good clean tobacco (very few stems).

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