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OHM Turkish Red 16oz Pipe Tobacco
OHM Turkish Red 16oz Pipe Tobacco
OHM Turkish Red 16oz Pipe Tobacco

Sometimes, the traditional blend of Burley and Virginia tobaccos isn’t enough. That’s why OHM Turkish Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz is perfect for them! It’s a bit harsher than regular tobacco blends, but filled with intoxicating flavor that you’ll literally find yourself craving all day long. You’ll adore its full-bodied flavor that will intoxicate your senses with every puff you take. It’s based on their Red blend, but is bolder with its taste and room note that it leaves behind. However, its non-aromatic by nature, with its coarse-cut goodness making you want to ditch all of your other tobacco blends for this one! You can use OHM Turkish Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz in your pipe or your own rolled cigarettes to enjoy whenever you please. Besides the amazing flavor, you’ll also appreciate the amazing price! The affordable blend is perfect for those that want premium tobacco without the premium price tag.

Intercontinental Trading
Ohm Pipe Tobacco
Turkish Red

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Top Customer Reviews

Thomas L on 09/11/2020
Good tobacco at a reasonable cost and fast shipping at a decent price

Matthew G on 01/27/2019
Great flavor, no chemical tastes like other brands

Douglas M on 03/05/2020
The "Turkish Red" matched with "Red Classic" tube is a close match to a Camel Filter. I have tried numerous combinations of products and this is the closest I have found.

Mary S on 07/27/2020

Gary N on 04/11/2020
The shipping was quick and I have been smoking this tobacco for many years and as long as its fresh its really smooth. I do wish there was an option to use the coupon on the bottom of the bag and rolling papers avaliable. I use Top rolling papers and will have to find another outlet to get them. But it would be nice to have all in a one stop shop.

William B on 03/31/2020
Perfect! Matches Camel Filters and loads great in Powermatic 2+. I use Zen Red tubes.

maria l w on 04/15/2020

David D on 07/28/2020
Did not receive, yet.

Gary C on 09/23/2020
Good stuff, and quick delivery

MARY U on 10/21/2020

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