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OHM Natural 16oz Pipe Tobacco
OHM Natural 16oz Pipe Tobacco
OHM Natural 16oz Pipe Tobacco

Natural is so in these days and that goes for tobacco blends, too! If you want something that’s void of additives and fillers, then go with the good stuff, which is OHM Natural Pipe Tobacco 16oz! As one of the best natural options out there, you’ll love that it’s smooth and less harsh than other brands out there. And that’s because OHM Natural Pipe Tobacco 16oz has less flavorings so that you get nothing but a more traditional and natural taste that will drive your taste buds wild. As a medium-cut tobacco, you’ll also like the fact that it has minimal stems and shake thanks to a special filtering process. This means that every bag is perfectly mixed and flavored in order to provide an unmatched smoking experience! Plus, the price OHM Natural Pipe Tobacco 16oz is just as amazing as the flavor. You won’t go broke when you buy a bag of OHM Natural Pipe Tobacco 16oz.

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Ohm Pipe Tobacco

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Top Customer Reviews

Carl E on 01/10/2024
This is a very smooth and mild tasting tobacco. The cut is fine and easy to roll, and has hardly any stems which are very small. This is my favorite tobacco, and I will continue buying it. Great low price and fast shipping too!

Daniel B on 11/15/2023
I'm pretty happy with OHM Natural. Its a clean, smooth smoke. And stuffs nicely using a Hawk-Matie cigarette machine. Id definitely buy again

Barbara L on 08/20/2023

Shannon L on 01/25/2023

Leroy S on 01/20/2023

Richard G on 12/03/2022
I love OHM Natural. I use it to mix with menthol and it's just perfect for that. I won't use anything else from now on.

Teresa H on 11/01/2022
Haven’t tried it yet

Nancy G on 05/30/2022

Frederick F on 05/30/2022

Judith D on 05/23/2022

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