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OHM Menthol 16oz Pipe Tobacco
OHM Menthol 16oz Pipe Tobacco
OHM Menthol 16oz Pipe Tobacco

For smokers that love an extra kick of minty goodness comes OHM Mint Pipe Tobacco 16oz! It was made for those who want to reinvigorate their senses with a fresh flavor that will delight their senses and smoking urges. You’ll feel a cool and soothing rush of minty goodness that you’ll crave all day and night. OHM Mint Pipe Tobacco 16oz is made using the best Virginia and Burley tobaccos, striking the perfect balance between minty and tobacco flavors. You’ll notice that it leaves behind a balanced room not that doesn’t overpower you or any others in the room. OHM Mint Pipe Tobacco 16oz also comes in a resealable bag so that you can preserve the wonderful flavors for weeks after you open the bag. When you want an amazing and refreshing smoke, look no further than the affordable OHM Mint Pipe Tobacco 16oz!

Intercontinental Trading
Ohm Pipe Tobacco
16oz (1lb)

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Top Customer Reviews

Miguel L on 12/13/2023
Perfect cut, smokes great!

Belinda B on 11/17/2023
Its the best menthol tobacco and fresh

Kristina H on 06/07/2023
We always get our package within 5 days. It's so quick and so convient!

Jona A on 05/15/2023
Ohm has fine tuned their tobacco and it's great. Hardly any sticks now and easier to roll.

Jay L on 04/03/2023

Joseph H on 12/23/2022

Jamie W on 11/22/2022
Perfect blend to match what I was smoking. Ordering was easy, and the delivery was prompt!

Kimberly L on 11/14/2022
Very good company to order from! I'm happy with the prices and the time it takes to ship:-) I highly recommend!

Kelly G on 07/27/2022

Adrian A on 06/10/2022

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