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OHM Menthol Gold 16oz Pipe Tobacco
OHM Menthol Gold 16oz Pipe Tobacco
OHM Menthol Gold 16oz Pipe Tobacco

Sophisticated smokers that love mint will want to try using OHM Gold Mild Mint Pipe Tobacco 16oz for their next go-to blend. The minty flavor is perfectly balanced so that it’s not overpowering or too strong. It’s the perfect minty fresh goodness that will entice your taste buds. The aromatic blend is everything you want from a menthol flavor, but does so without a punch. You’ll enjoy its milder and mellow profile that still provides you minty fresh goodness combined with a sensual tobacco taste. OHM Gold Mild Mint Pipe Tobacco 16oz comes packaged in sealable bags that are actually stitched using a Fresh-Loc zipper to preserve the wonderful fresh flavor. You’ll be able to enjoy it long after you’ve opened a bag of OHM Gold Mild Mint Pipe Tobacco 16oz! Besides the wonderful flavor that will freshen up your senses, OHM Gold Mild Mint Pipe Tobacco 16oz is offered at an affordable price that will delight your wallet.

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Ohm Pipe Tobacco
Menthol Light

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Top Customer Reviews

Steve N on 07/17/2021

leona w on 05/21/2021

Robert P on 04/16/2021
Great tasting tobacco.

William B on 02/21/2021
WAY better than what I was using! I'm pretty new to the RYO world & wasn't real happy about it. Totally happy now. Smoother, much less 'timber' & fresher tobacco than what I tried before. Very close to the Smooths I was paying nearly $10/pack for. With a menthol tube its a little more menthol taste but happy either way.

Jim B on 12/23/2020
great flavor, very few stems. Have been using this tobacco for a few years now and cannot think of using any others.

Jay C on 06/30/2020

Nick P on 06/27/2020

Lori G on 06/24/2020

Martha K on 06/23/2020
Been using awhile. Good flavor, less harsh, less sticks than good stuff.

Joseph L on 06/05/2020

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