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OHM Bold 6oz Pipe Tobacco
OHM Bold 6oz Pipe Tobacco
OHM Bold 6oz Pipe Tobacco

OHM is known in the tobacco industry for having some of the most enticing flavors and their Bold is one of the best yet! Few other blends can really come close to the amazing flavors that Bold offers. You’ll find yourself craving a smoke using OHM Bold Pipe Tobacco 6oz all day and all night. The flavor that OHM Bold Pipe Tobacco 6oz features is strong and consistent, burning evenly from start to finish. You’ll find the perfect smoke with every puff you take thanks to the perfectly blended and full-bodied tobaccos used. If you want to overload your taste buds and senses, this non-aromatic blend is exactly what you need! OHM Bold Pipe Tobacco 6oz features a coarse cut so to provide a consistent experience and to fit into any pipe or rolling paper. The blend comes in a resealable bag to ensure freshness and won’t break the bank since it’s an affordable option!

Intercontinental Trading
Ohm Pipe Tobacco
6oz Bag

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Juli M on 04/29/2020
I was very surprised that I got 6oz when I thought I was ordering 1lb bags.

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