The Real Prices for Black and Mild Cigars

If you’re a true Black & Mild smoker, then you’ll instantly recognize our 2024 price guide as 100% official. As for all of you newer smokers out there, we put this together with you in mind as well. 

So, if you’ve been wondering how much are Black and Milds, then you’re gonna get your answer today! On that note, bookmark this page right now, as we’ll continuously update this price guide going forward. 

Our goal is to help those who smoke Blacks find the best deals and prices on all their favorite cigars! Nowadays, you never know what you’ll pay when you stroll into the store to scoop up a pack. However, after today, you’ll never guess again!

Most of the time, we just cop our cigars and keep pushing on with our daily business; unfortunately, when we do that, we tend to lose money! It might not be a lot all at once, but it definitely adds up to a nice lump sum in the end.

That said, we’d like to thank you for joining us today! Beyond revealing the real prices for Black and Mild cigars, we’re aiming to create a community here at Buy Pipe Tobacco, so please feel free to respond in the comments! We’ll elaborate more on this later in our post.

How much are Black and Mild Cigars Depends on Location

Truthfully, the real cost for Black and Milds depends on where you live! According to our research, you can pay anywhere from $5.99 to $9.99 for a 5-count pack, especially if you get caught slippin’ at the airport!  

However, we did notice that flavored Black & Mild cigars cost slightly less than original-flavored Blacks. The reason for this is probably due to the fact that most people smoke original Blacks. As good as they are, especially Sweets, they’re just not as popular. 

Since we’re on the note, below you’ll find a complete chart of all the current Black and Mild flavors, the package sizes they’re sold in (online), how much they cost, and your total cost per pack when you purchase by the case, not by the pack. 

Another thing to keep in mind is when you buy Black and Milds at the gas station or local smoke shop; you’re always going to pay more when buying single packs. As for buying them online, they’re sold by the case only, allowing you to save money on your favorite cigars. 

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The 2024 Black & Mild Price Guide (Updated)

Black & Mild FlavorsBox SizeCigars Per Box2023 Online PricesCost Per Pack/CigarOrder
Apple10-Pack Box of 550 Cigars$53.19$5.30Buy Here
Apple25-Count Box25 Cigars$26.89$1.07Buy Here
Casino25-Count Box25 Cigars$24.79$0.99Buy Here
Casino Wood Tip25-Count Box25 Cigars$29.79$1.19Buy Here
Cream10-Pack Box of 550 Cigars$53.19$5.30Buy Here
Cream25-Count Box25 Cigars$26.89$1.07Buy Here
Filter Tip10-Pack Box of 550 Cigars$29.79$2.90Buy Here
Filter Tip30-Count Box30 Cigars$19.39$0.64Buy Here
Filter Tip Sweets10-Pack Box of 550 Cigars$28.49$2.84Buy Here
Filter Tip Sweets30-Count Box30 Cigars$19.39$0.64Buy Here
Jazz10-Pack Box of 550 Cigars$53.19$5.30Buy Here
Jazz25-Count Box25 Cigars$24.79$0.99Buy Here
Jazz Wood Tip10-Pack Box of 550 Cigars$59.49$5.94Buy Here
Jazz Wood Tip25-Count Box25 Cigars$29.79$1.19Buy Here
Original10-Pack Box of 550 Cigars$53.19$5.30Buy Here
Original25-Count Box25 Cigars$26.89$1.07Buy Here
Original Wood Tip10-Pack Box of 550 Cigars$59.49$5.94Buy Here
Original Wood Tip25-Count Box25 Cigars$29.79$1.19Buy Here
Royal25-Count Box25 Cigars$25.99$1.04Buy Here
Select10-Pack Box of 550 Cigars$53.19$5.30Buy Here
Select25-Count Box25 Cigars$26.79$1.07Buy Here
Sweets25-Count Box25 Cigars$24.79$0.99Buy Here
Sweets Wood Tip25-Count Box25 Cigars$24.79$0.99Buy Here
Wine10-Pack Box of 550 Cigars$53.49$5.34Buy Here
Wine25-Count Box25 Cigars$24.79$0.99Buy Here
Wine Wood Tip10-Pack Box of 550 Cigars$59.49$5.94Buy Here
Wine Wood Tip25-Count Box25 Cigars$29.79$1.19Buy Here
Cherry Blend10-Pack Box of 550 Cigars$57.59$5.75Buy Here

How much are Black and Mild cigars is no longer a question

We hope that you found our list above beneficial and helpful. Our main mission today was to answer all the questions that people are asking online, “how much are Black and Mild cigars?”

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As mentioned earlier, we’d discuss the topic of creating a community of smokers more. With this in mind, we’d really love it if y’all could sound off in the comments below and let other readers, such as yourself, know where you’re at and how much it costs for a pack of Back and Milds where you’re at. 

For your insight and contribution, you’ll be helping other readers understand more about the cost of Black and Mild cigars nationwide! Thank you in advance for being a part of the team! 

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