There’s something nostalgic and satisfying about smoking Black & Mild cigars. The smooth, robust flavor intoxicates your senses, while it’s pleasing aroma leaves others in the vicinity intrigued by the sweet fragrance. No matter what kind of smoker you are, you’ve most likely tried a Black & Mild cigar at least once in your smoking experience. The popular brand is by John Middleton Company and this storied brand has been providing us with quality tobacco products since the 1850s. After the company became a go-to tobacco retailer, they turned their focus to creating their own tobacco blends and Black & Mild cigars are one of their best selling lines.

The History Behind John Middleton

The brand’s founder has roots that go back to a small tobacco shop in Philadelphia. In 1856, the local tobacco shop catered to all the needs of cigar and pipe smokers in the area. But John Middleton was more than a small shop and he was actually an entrepreneur in the fact that he liked to experiment with different tobacco blends, which are still currently used in many of the company’s current products.

An Experiment Gone Right

It turns out, that Black & Mild cigars were actually a blending experiment back in the 1980s that ended up being very successful. The unique blend was never supposed to hit the market, but once John Middleton executives realized the goldmine they had on their hands, they released it and have been reaping in the profits ever since. Originally a blend sold by the company at their various local tobacco shops in its early days, Black & Mild cigars are now a household name across the globe for avid smokers and occasional fans.

What Makes Black & Mild So Unique

These cigars are unique in that they are actually categorized as pipe tobacco cigars since they’re made with a plastic tip that makes smoking them so much easier. These machine-made cigars are different from others thanks to that special plastic tip. The creators wanted smokers not only to really enjoy the aromas and flavors of the cigar, but also the convenience of not having to bother with a physical pipe. So instead, they simply added the plastic tip to mimic the experience without the need for an actual pipe.

The Best Cigar In America

Since its inception, Black & Mild cigars have always been a hit with smokers. Not only did they love the plastic white tip addition, but also the flavorful tobacco blends that are satisfying and bold. In 1996, Black & Mild cigars became the most popular cigar in America, and they continue to hold that position today.

Expanding On Perfection

As one of the most popular cigars on the market, John Middleton Company wanted to provide smokers with even more sensational options and expanded the line. In 2001, Black & Mild Mild hit tobacco shops, which is an even milder version than the original. It’s a smooth smoke that beginners and occasional smokers love opting for. With no harsh taste, this option enhanced their smoking experience.

From there, the Black & Mild cigar portfolio grew to include a variety of different options, including Black & Mild Fast Break in 2004 – a shorter cigar ideal for smokers on the go (however, it’s been discontinued). In 2005, Black & Mild Cream started the brand’s direction in flavored tobacco blends. Now there are several choices of flavors for smokers of all tastes. There are more than 20 different flavor options, including apple, cherry, wine and more. The brand also offers wood tip options for those that want a more authentic pipe-smoking experience.

Black & Mild cigarillos are also available in classic flavors like Jazz, Sweets, Wine, Classic and Casino. Unlike other Black & Mild cigars, these cigarillos are untipped, but just as flavorful as the originals.

Priced Just Right

Besides great flavor, smokers also appreciate the price point of Black & Mild cigars. The budget friendly cigars are priced affordably in packs of 5 or boxes of 25. The full-flavored cigars are filled with broad-cut Cavendish tobaccos that are mixed with Virginia and burley tobaccos. This enticing combination of quality ingredients and cheap pricing makes it a definite favorite among smokers of all levels.

Why You Should Try Black & Mild Cigars

Smoking is a very personal experience. What one smoker likes, another might not, so it’s all about personal preference. But one thing is for sure – the majority of smokers enjoy lighting up a Black & Mild every now and then. The universally liked cigar brand has a distinct history that goes back more than 150 years and has stayed true to its mission of providing a quality product that smokers love. The appealing aroma, fantastic flavor and refreshing aftertaste all combine to create a satisfying smoking experience at a price point that can’t be beat!


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