Top 5 Best Pipe Tobacco Brands

There are a lot of pipe tobacco options to choose from, which can be overwhelming for many. How do you choose the best pipe or RYO tobacco, when you’re not sure what’s good or what’s not? While everyone has different tastes when it comes to their preferred tobacco blends, we’re here to help guide you in the right direction. We’ve compiled a few of the best pipe tobaccos that offer rich flavors and aromas at the best prices around!

1) Nectar Pipe Tobacco

Think of Nectar Pipe Tobacco as a gift from the tobacco gods! The tobacco offerings are 100% natural and full of quality tobacco blends you’ll go crazy for. You’ll love the smooth taste and even burn that will more than satisfy your smoking urges. It’s one of the best tobacco blends on the market and it’s available at an affordable price, which makes it even better! Each bag is made using ribbon-cut and air-cured tobacco that’s infused with other flavors that will make you crave it all day long. It’s an amazing choice for any novice or experienced smoker thanks to its mellow taste and appealing aromatic notes.

Nectar Gold is the light flavor, which is mellow and mild, while regular Red is a full-bodied tobacco blend bursting with traditional flavors you’ll crave. Menthol is based on the regular blend, but adds a refreshing minty taste that will cool your taste buds will adore.

2) Gambler Pipe Tobacco

A great smokes list isn’t a list without Gambler Pipe Tobacco on it! Many love Gambler because it’s an American blend of premium tobacco that’s smooth, inexpensive and enticing. When it comes to quality pipe tobacco, Gambler really takes the cake and provides users with freshness and quality that can’t be beat for its reasonable price. It’s one of the best pipe tobaccos on the market for a reason! Each bag of this tobacco will make your mouth water and satisfy your smoking needs. You’ll love how smooth Gambler pipe tobacco is and its pleasant aroma that’s simply intoxicating.

There are quite a few blends to choose from, including Silver, Menthol, Gold, and Regular. But each one is filled with quality tobacco that you’ll absolutely love to smoke any time of the day or night. Regular is bold and robust, while Menthol adds to that flavor with a minty finish. Gold provides a mellow flavor and focuses more on traditional tobacco tastes. It also eliminates any harsh aftertaste. But if you want the smoothest flavor, go with Silver! It features a medium-bodies taste that is made to perfection.

As one of the oldest pipe tobacco brands on the market, Gambler aims to provide fans tobacco blends that satisfy and enhance one’s smoking experience. With legendary quality and decades of experience in the industry, you can’t go wrong when choosing Gambler tobacco as your preferred choice for a better smoking experience. The Gold blend is medium and mellow, with less of an aromatic smoking experience. Each bag is filled with high-quality tobacco leaves that are usually a bit dry to really maximize its value. Menthol features full-flavored tobacco infused with minty flavors for an amazingly smooth tobacco blend. But all three tobacco blends are well-liked by many, so any one you choose is an excellent choice.

3) Kentucky’s Best Pipe Tobacco

The best tobacco comes from Kentucky (which is where we’re located) and must say that Kentucky’s Best is an excellent choice for quality flue-cured tobaccos. Every blend offered by Kentucky’s Best is perfectly blended and shredded the old-fashioned way (which translates to the right way). They focus their blends on traditional taste and strength, providing smokers with mellow and easy blends without any harsh aftertaste.

The Original blend provides a bold taste that’s easy on your taste buds, while their Smooth version is just like the traditional blend, except a bit smoother for those who aren’t a fan of a full-bodied smoke. Mint is as delicious as it sounds, with a cool, refreshing aftertaste that you’ll start to crave after you smoke it a few times.

4) Cheyenne Pipe Tobacco

Value and bold flavor is what you get when you choose Cheyenne Pipe Tobacco products. Each bag is filled with the best locally sourced tobacco on the market for bargain prices that can’t be beat. You’ll love the quality of these tobacco blends that are anything but cheap. They’re made using quality American tobacco blends that will more than satisfy your smoking needs and wants. Cheyenne Pipe Tobacco is made in North Carolina and has a long, storied history in the tobacco industry. They’re actually quite popular when it comes to filtered cigars, yet they make their tobacco blend using the same mastery and quality of their filtered cigars.

Cheyenne Cigar and Tobacco offers a wide range of delicious flavors that delight your taste buds and live up to your smoking expectations. They have Red (regular), Gold (Smooth), and Menthol. The Red blend uses traditional, full-bodied tobacco blends that provide an even smoke until the end. This blend features a medium flavor profile with consistent cut and limited shake, resulting in very aromatic flavors you’ll love.

5) Kentucky Select Pipe Tobacco

If you want all-natural tobaccos that provide remarkable and unique flavors, then you need Kentucky Select Pipe Tobacco! With a variety of blends that are packed with medium cut and smooth tobacco, you won’t have to worry about shake or a bad after taste. And you’ll love the affordable price for the quality of smokes you get when choosing Kentucky Select. It’s an amazing bargain buy for novice smokers, while experienced smokers will love the fact that it’s a great all-day smoke. It’s really the perfect tobacco product for just about anyone who cares about quality. The brand manufactures its tobacco products in Wilson, North Carolina, using the best American grown tobacco leaves around!

Kentucky Select offers a variety of flavors, including: Red, Gold, Menthol Blue, Menthol Green, Silver, and Turkish Black. If you want the most traditional blend, opt for Red! You’ll go crazy over its bold and full-flavor profile that will entice your senses. Each bag is made using a unique processing method that really brings out the natural flavors of the tobacco to create an uncompromised smoke that can’t be beat. Gold is a bit softer and isn’t as harsh as Red, offering a more natural flavor profile and aftertaste. Menthol Blue is cool and refreshing. It’s a more medium-bodied tobacco blend with a much softer aftertaste. Green Menthol is similar, but with a stronger taste since it combines traditional full-bodies tobacco with mint to bring out a sharp and hearty smoke. Turkish Black is delicious and spicy, with hints of smoke to it. You’ll absolutely love the exotic hints and notes with every puff you take of this enticing blend!