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Cheyenne Pipe Tobacco

Cheyenne Pipe Tobacco is made by Cheyenne International, LLC. in North Carolina and each bag is made to the highest standards. The Cheyenne brand has a long and storied history of quality tobacco goods thanks to their high popular filtered cigar line. The Cheyenne Pipe Tobacco uses that same consistency, mastery and quality of tobacco, which is why many can’t get enough of this superb tobacco!

Cheyenne Pipe Tobacco utilizes full-bodied and traditional tobaccos to provide a very familiar smoking experience for fans. But what makes Cheyenne Pipe Tobacco so famous is its consistent cut with limited shake and large aromatic flavors. And they don’t skimp when it comes to their amazing tobacco either! Each bag of Cheyenne Pipe Tobacco is literally filled to the brim with high-quality leaf blends that tend to run a bit dry. But that’s only to maximize on its value, which is actually affordable! You’ll love how the blend won’t overpower your smoke and provide a smooth smoke any time you need one. Cheyenne Pipe Tobacco is available in a few pleasing flavors, such as Red, Gold and Menthol. The Red is filled with original flavor, while the Gold offers a milder finish. The Menthol has a cool, minty taste that’s always refreshing.


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