It’s a real shame that not many partake in the act of filling a pipe with some amazing tobacco and enjoying it in a favorite pipe as they sip on quality whiskey on the porch. Those were the good ole’ days, when pipe smoking was popular and finding quality tobacco was easy. These days, many prefer the convenience of cigarettes or cigars and have forgotten the art of packing a pipe. But for those who still appreciate pipe smoking, the search for the right pipe tobacco can be frustrating. Nothing is genuine anymore as vapes are now taking over. So for those looking for a classic pipe tobacco will appreciate knowing that Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco still makes their timeless tobacco the same since day one. Pipe smoking individuals have been enjoying this classic burley smoking tobacco for more than 75 years! With only two blends to their name, that’s all it takes for pipe smokers to enjoy some good puffs with their favorite cigar! Pipe smoking is no joke and there’s nothing frivolous about it. Unlike all these flavored cigarettes that people smoke these days, Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco is for those with discerning classic tastes. The honest Burley regular and aromatic blend of Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco have been enjoyed by tobacco purists since the 1930s and only those who appreciate the art of pipe smoking will enjoy this straightforward blend. The Regular Blend of Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco features hand-selected blends of Burley tobaccos that are cross cut. The mildly aromatic flavors come in either a 1.5oz pouch or 14oz can for serious pipe smokers. Many like this blend since it’s considered an all-day type of tobacco blend. Many love its alluring aroma and solid tobacco flavor that packs a punch. With hints of molasses and anise in its taste, there are also chocolate and nuts as its primary notes (which actually come from the Burley blend itself). It’s affordability and classic flavor makes Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco Regular Blend a go-to for many pipe enthusiasts! The Aromatic Blend of Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco is similar to Regular, but is made using a unique blend of Virginia and Burley. The tobacco for this blend is loose cut, with a rich aroma that heightens your senses, but remains a comfortable smoke no matter what time of day it is! Many love this Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco blend because of its unique blend of aged tobaccos that are actually moistened with imported Dutch and French liquors. It’s this unique combination of tobaccos (that are aged just enough to ripen to maturity) that give it its distinctive taste and aroma. You’ll thoroughly enjoy the smoke from start to finish! Regardless of which Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco blend you prefer, both provide that intoxicating scent pipe smokers relish in when they first open the tub or pouch. Both blends offer pipe smokers the perfect smoking experience!