If you love flavored cigars, then you’ll absolutely want to try Cheyenne Filtered Cigars! Not only are they one of the best filtered cigars on the market, but they’re the sort of cigars you’ll want to enjoy with a fine brandy while sitting outside on the porch in the evening. Cheyenne Filtered Cigars first came to be in 2002 and are made in North Carolina, which is one of America’s first regions that cultivated tobacco. The all-American company specializes in delicious short smokes that come in a variety of enticing flavors. And the best part is that all their flavors are affordable cigars you’ll want to enjoy over and over again.

In the past few years, Cheyenne Filtered Cigars has dominated the small cigar market, allowing them to gain legions of loyal fans who only smoke their various cigars. Despite all their robust flavors, each cigar is made using high-end tobacco leaves. These leaves are then cured, fermented and finally shredded to create their special additive-free filtered machine-made cigars that will delight your senses. Each puff results in nothing but smooth flavor without any interference or additives.

The Cheyenne Full Flavor and Classic is carefully packed with a rich and smooth flavor that you’ll crave. The even burn will leave a pleasant aftertaste that your taste buds will love. Classic is best for those who prefer something original without any added flavors. But just because it’s classic doesn’t mean boring. Flavorful and savory is what you get until the last puff!

Cheyenne Filtered Cigars Menthol is infused with the refreshing scent and taste of menthol. The minty taste is preferable to many over the regular Classic flavor, leaving a cool refreshing aftertaste after each puff you take. And for those who really adore this flavor, there’s Extreme Menthol that’s powerful and impactful. For those that love the minty flavor but need something sweeter will want to try some Cheyenne Filtered Cigars Sweet Mint that just lingers on the tongue for a great treat!

If you prefer something much sweeter, then Cheyenne Filtered Cigars offers a wide variety of flavored cigars for your choosing. They offer alluring fruit flavors that leave a sweet aftertaste. You’ll love the peach, strawberry, xotic berry, tropical and grape flavors. You won’t need any dessert when you have some Cheyenne Filtered Cigars sweet flavors on hand! The Vanilla flavor is perfect with a glass of your favorite brandy, whiskey or scotch, while the others are great for just about any time of the day. Then there’s Cheyenne Filtered Cigars Sweet Tip that offers a subtle sweet flavor that just wakes up your taste buds without being too sweet.

Many love all of Cheyenne Filtered Cigars because they are medium-bodied and smooth. They are also easy to light and have a fairly easy draw. So if you’re looking to try a flavorful cigar, you can’t go wrong with one of Cheyenne Filtered Cigars – no matter your preferred flavor!