Black and Mild Cigars, you’ve probably seen them at your favorite cigar shop or even at the liquor store and have always wondered what the allure was about them. Well, we’re here to set the record straight on those tasty little cigars that everyone simply loves.

In order to understand its appeal and allure by many, you’ll need to know about its history. Black and Mild Cigars was founded by John Middleton, who owned a small tobacco shop in Philadelphia back in 1856. The store catered to local cigar and pipe smokers, so he knew exactly what sort of products appealed to their discerning tastes. Because he wasn’t satisfied with what was out there, he created his own mixture of pipe tobacco that we’ve all grown to love today! But it wasn’t until the company made the realization that smokers liked the aroma and taste of pipe tobacco and wanted to offer them a cigar that provided the same experience. Thus, Black and Mild Cigars was born!

Black and Mild Cigars are iconic and you’ll know them when you see them. They feature a plastic tip and a homogenized binder and wrapper. Inside is the same aromatic pipe tobacco that Middleton made himself! Over the years, Black and Mild cigars are highly popular with smokers and are one of the most requested machine-made cigars of all time!

Because it’s all about expanding, the company has come up with a few new cigar flavors that are just as good as the original! Black and Mild Apple only adds to the aromatic taste of the OG tobacco flavor but adds in sweet and tangy green apples. You’ll love how the robust flavors stay on your palate, which makes for an enjoyable smoking experience. Smoke it with a cold glass of apple cider and you’ve got a tasty treat!

Then there’s Black and Mild Cream that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth! The dessert-like cigar features warm sweet cream combined with a premium light Cavendish Kentucky Burley. It’s seriously as delicious as it smells and is ultra smooth!

Then there’s Black and Mild Wood Tip, which is the only option with a 29 ring. It really breaks the mold from the others since the tip is changed. Instead of the plastic mouthpiece, expect a wood tip that only adds to the smooth and mild flavor that ends with nutty components. You’ll also adore the Virginia, Burley and Cavendish blend that’s anything but ordinary. It’s a great addition to your morning routine and will pair nicely with your cup of coffee.

The last product in the lineup is the Black and Mild Pipe Tobacco, which is the original blend that started it all. It’s dark and fragrant with its Kentucky Burley, Black Cavendish and Golden Virginia that all combine to create one impressive experience no matter what time of the day you smoke it!