Backwoods Cigars have come a long way since the original blend was created and founded in 1981. Although many new blends and flavors are now offered, one thing remains the same – their Wild West cowboy stogy throwback marketing and macho take on cigars. You immediately know you’re smoking a Backwoods Cigar when you look at the tattered stick that’s reminiscent of the Wild Wild West. The very macho-oriented stogy’s have been a favorite among many thanks to its smooth ingredients.

Cigar aficionados know that once you find a cigar brand you love, you stick to it and hardly venture out to try new options. But every now and then you venture outside of your normal cigar preference to try something else only to discover how amazing and smooth it is. That’s exactly what you get when you try any of Backwoods Cigars for the first time!

From the all-natural Connecticut wrapper to the tobacco leaf binder, Backwoods Cigars are nothing more than perfection with each puff you take. Then there’s the tantalizing Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed filler tobaccos that delivers a rich flavor with a mellow feel with every puff. And lets not forget about the ever-so-pleasing aroma that intoxicates your senses.

These were just the Originals, too! Altadis USA knew they had a seller on their hands and wanted to expand their offering. After the well-received Original, they came up with their Backwoods Black ‘N Sweet Aromatic offering that only enhances the flavors of the Original. It builds upon the Original’s tobacco contents by adding a delicious amount of espresso and Cavendish flavors that give your senses a rustic kick!

But Altadis USA didn’t stop there and knew they need even more offering for discerning tastes. They knew they needed something sweeter in their lineup and came out with Backwoods Honey, which is sweet and soothing. You’ll absolutely love the warm flavors that are super sweet with its sugar dense flavor that blend perfectly with its rich tobacco elements from the Original. But only one sweet cigar wasn’t enough, which is why Altadis USA added a second sugar flavor with their Backwoods Honey Berry. The smell alone will make you think it’s a delicious dessert! It builds on the honey flavor by adding ripe berries to the mix, allowing its luxurious tobacco flavors to intoxicate your palate.

The Backwoods Sweet Aromatic is subtle version of its Original blend, but adds hints of sweet vanilla to its favorable tobacco taste. This is the perfect choice for those who need something sweeter, but not overly sugary like their honey-blend offerings.

And finally, the Backwoods Honey Bourbon cigars are made for those who specifically love to smoke their booze, so to say! It’s filled made using an all-natural Connecticut wrapper that’s drizzled with thick, sugary honey combined with a sweet and smoky whiskey and a Caribbean basin Cuban Seed short filler. You’ll definitely want to sit back and enjoy it with a firm whiskey on a warm summer night!