Your List of Game Flavors and Price Guide

In today’s guide, we’ll reveal all the Game flavors, helping you find your favorites all in one place. Plus, we’ll provide you with an accurate, up-to-date chart that features all the package sizes and prices of Game Cigars sold here at Buy Pipe Tobacco! 

Our goal today is to connect with our readers by providing everyone with the best information on the internet regarding Game cigar flavors and prices. With so many available nowadays, we understand how difficult it can be to find the special one.

We also understand that most gas stations and smoke shops don’t carry all the flavors produced by Game. So, if you’re tired of being pressed for time in the checkout line just to purchase stale cigars, we wrote this blog post with you in mind.

Below, we’ll begin by discussing the history of this iconic brand; then, we’ll tell you every flavor, package option, and, of course, the prices for each flavor sold here in our online smoke shop.

That said, if Game is your #1 cigarillo brand, then we’re sure you’ll love what we have in store for you today! 

Unearth the Tale of Game Cigars

Game Cigars and Cigarillos originate from Garcia y Vega, an iconic brand with a long-standing legacy spanning over 140 years.

This story started in 1882, set amidst the Dominican Republic, a Caribbean nation known for its superior quality tobacco and unparalleled cigar-making skills.

In this context, the narrative of Garcia y Vega’s genuine Dominican cigars and Game Cigars starts to take shape.

The distinguishing factor of Garcia y Vega lies in the intricate process they’ve honed for over a century. This process accentuates the natural flavors of the tobacco leaf, resulting in cigars that offer rich, evenly balanced flavors that are further enhanced by delightful aromas. These traits are unmistakable signatures of Garcia y Vega, which anyone can identify instantly! 

Another notable feature of these cigars is the natural leaf wrappers. Garcia y Vega only uses premium leaves such as Candela, Arapiraca, Sumatra, and others when producing cigars. 

Each type of tobacco imparts a distinct flavor to the cigar, adding to the overall experience. Furthermore, the cigars are further enclosed in Garcia y Vega’s FoilFresh Pouch to maintain the freshness and consistency of these flavors. This unique packaging method ensures a fresh, flavor-filled smoke on every occasion.

From the variety of products Garcia y Vega offers, Game cigarillos have carved out a niche among smokers nationwide and beyond, marking them as one of the country’s most preferred brands of natural-leaf cigarillos.

The brand’s reputation and popularity undeniably spring from the consistent dedication to quality, mastery, and a profound comprehension of tobacco that Garcia y Vega has exhibited throughout its existence and continues to do so until this very day. 

All the Best Game Flavors Available this Year

Now, it’s time to reveal all the current Game flavors out today! However, before we begin, we’d first like to remind our readers and visitors that we update our content often. In other words, as soon as Game drops a new flavor, we’ll be the first to update our content here, keeping you informed and up-to-date, regardless of when you visit us! Let’s get started, shall we? 

Game Black Cherry

Immerse yourself in the lusciously rich flavors of Game Black Cherry. Each puff is a testament to the seductive sweetness of ripe black cherries, perfectly balanced with the subtle undertones of tobacco. Keep reading to uncover the next indulgence on our list.

Game Black Sapphire

Discover the luxurious allure of Game Black Sapphire. This distinctive blend fuses together the bold richness of dark, matured tobacco with a hint of exotic spices, creating an enticingly complex flavor. Anticipate what’s coming next on our flavor journey.

Game Black Sweets

Indulge in the decadently smooth taste of Game Black Sweets. This variation merges the robust flavor of fine tobacco with a hint of dark, sultry sweetness that lingers on the palate. Don’t stop now; the adventure of flavors continues.

Game Blue

Experience the refreshing zest of Game Blue. This variant offers a unique blend of mild tobacco combined with a light, crisp hint of coolness, echoing the serenity of a clear blue sky. The list keeps getting better; let’s explore further.

Game Diamond

Savor the exquisite balance of Game Diamond. This cigarillo offers a delicate interplay between the mellow tobacco tones and a slightly sweet note, creating a refined yet rich flavor profile. The exploration of flavors doesn’t end here; stay with us.

Game Grape

Dive into the fruity splendor of Game Grape. These cigarillos deliver a burst of vibrant grape flavors infused perfectly with the rich, hearty undertones of quality tobacco. Keep scrolling to discover the next flavor!

Game Green

Relish the earthy allure of Game Green. This iteration presents a harmonious blend of robust tobacco with a subtly fresh hint of green, creating a truly satisfying smoking experience. Our list continues with more exciting flavors.

Game Hard Lemonade

Refresh your senses with the zesty tang of Game Hard Lemonade. This innovative flavor brings together the bright, citrusy notes of lemonade with the soothing essence of fine tobacco. What’s next on our list? Read on to find out.

Game Honey

Experience the sweet delicacy of Game Honey. Each puff exudes the rich flavors of high-quality tobacco, gently complemented by honey’s warm, sweet notes. The flavor journey continues; let’s see what’s next.

Iced Donut Game Cigars

Indulge in the dessert-like decadence of Iced Donut Game Cigars. This unique flavor boasts a delightful fusion of sweet, sugary doughnuts with a frosty note, perfectly balanced with a rich tobacco blend. The next flavor might just surprise you; let’s dive in.

Game Mango

Taste the tropical delight of Game Mango. This variant brings together the juicy sweetness of ripe mangoes with the robust essence of fine tobacco, creating a truly unique and indulgent experience. What’s the next enticing flavor? Continue reading.

Game Pineapple

Embrace the tropical flair of Game Pineapple. Each draw reveals the zesty sweetness of fresh pineapples intermingled with the hearty, rich notes of quality tobacco. Ready for the next exotic flavor? Scroll on.

Game Red Sweets

Immerse yourself in the charming allure of Game Red Sweets. This delightful blend features an intriguing interplay between the sweet red undertones and the full-bodied taste of fine tobacco. The flavors keep unfolding; let’s proceed.

Game Silver

Discover the sophisticated subtlety of Game Silver. This variant reveals a smooth, crisp tobacco flavor profile, underscored by a hint of cool silver, creating a refined smoking experience. The journey through flavors is far from over.

Game Strawberry Colada

Dive into the fruity cocktail of Game Strawberry Colada. This unique flavor brings a tropical twist to your smoking experience with the sweet tang of strawberries and creamy notes of colada balanced with a robust tobacco flavor. Let’s uncover what’s next.

Game White Grape

Experience the fragrant sweetness of Game White Grape. This crisp flavor boasts a delightful fusion of gentle white grape sweetness and high-quality tobacco’s robust essence. Only one more flavor left; let’s reveal it.

Game White Peach

Conclude your flavor journey with the luscious notes of Game White Peach. This variant perfectly balances the sweet, juicy flavors of ripe white peaches, beautifully complemented by the rich undertones of fine tobacco. Enjoy this satisfying finish to our flavorful journey.

Other Game Flavor Variants 

In addition to all the Game flavors mentioned above, this brand also offers a diverse range of flavors from its Game Leaf line and Game Mini Cigarillos as well. 

As for Game Leaf, click here to check out our recent post on all the flavors currently available. Below is a brief list of all the leaf flavors, but if you check out our other post linked above, you’ll see that we really went deep on the subject. 

  • Game Leaf Cognac
  • Game Leaf Creme
  • Game Leaf Dark
  • Game Leaf Dark Rum
  • Game Leaf Natural
  • Game Leaf Pineapple
  • Game Leaf Sweet
  • Game Leaf Tropical
  • Game Leaf White Russian
  • Game Leaf Wild Berry

This iconic cigar brand also produces Game Mini Cigarillos. Below, you’ll find another brief list of all the available flavors here at Buy Pipe Tobacco. Plus, we’ll provide you with an easy ‘Order Here’ button that’ll redirect you straight to our Game Cigarillo page. Once there, scroll past all the Game flavors, and at the bottom of the page, you’ll find all the Game Mini flavors. Here’s the list:

  • Game Minis Black Sweets
  • Game Minis Blue
  • Game Minis Diamond
  • Game Minis Red Sweets

That now concludes our list of Game flavors available here in our smoke shop! We sell cases only, so all flavors mentioned above come in a 30-pack box of 2, including 60 cigars, 2 per pack.

Price Guide for All Game Flavors and Package Options

Game FlavorsBox SizeCigars Per BoxDescriptionPrice Per CaseOrder Online
Game Black Cherry30-Count Box of 260 CigarsSweet Cherry$26.79Buy Here
Game Black Sapphire30-Count Box of 260 CigarsBold & Spiced$26.79Buy Here
Game Black Sweets30-Count Box of 260 CigarsSmooth & Sweet$26.79Buy Here
Game Blue30-Count Box of 260 CigarsMild & Cool$26.79Buy Here
Game Diamond30-Count Box of 260 CigarsRefined Blend$26.79Buy Here
Game Grape30-Count Box of 260 CigarsFruity Grape$26.79Buy Here
Game Green30-Count Box of 260 CigarsEarthy Fresh$26.79Buy Here
Game Hard Lemonade30-Count Box of 260 CigarsZesty Citrus$26.79Buy Here
Game Honey30-Count Box of 260 CigarsSweet Honey$26.79Buy Here
Iced Donut Game Cigars30-Count Box of 260 CigarsSugary Delight$26.79Buy Here
Game Mango30-Count Box of 260 CigarsTropical Mango$33.99Buy Here
Game Pineapple30-Count Box of 260 CigarsTangy Pineapple$26.79Buy Here
Game Red Sweets30-Count Box of 260 CigarsRich & Sweet$26.79Buy Here
Game Silver30-Count Box of 260 CigarsSmooth & Crisp$26.79Buy Here
Game Strawberry Colada30-Count Box of 260 CigarsFruity Cocktail$26.79Buy Here
Game White Grape30-Count Box of 260 CigarsSweet White Grape$26.79Buy Here
Game White Peach30-Count Box of 260 CigarsLuscious Peach$26.79Buy Here
Game Minis Black Sweets15-Count Box of 345 CigarsMini Sweetness$16.49Buy Here
Game Minis Blue15-Count Box of 345 CigarsMini Cool Blend$16.49Buy Here
Game Minis Diamond15-Count Box of 345 CigarsMini Refined$16.49Buy Here
Game Minis Red Sweets15-Count Box of 345 CigarsMini Sweet Rich$16.49Buy Here

Current Game Flavors, Packages, & Prices

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