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Black and Mild Apple Cigars 10 5pks
Black and Mild Apple Cigars 10 5pks
Black and Mild Apple Cigars 10 5pks

Middleton's Black & Mild are one of America’s most trusted brands of cigars. Available in several unique flavors including Apple. These Black & Mild Apple cigars provide a pipe-like experience in cigar form. Take a step back and enjoy the smooth, sweet aroma of this apple flavored tobacco.  The subtle, fresh taste is paired with a slight tarty zing of apple. Each cigar is rolled with premium high-quality pipe tobacco and contains more nicotine than a cigarette. The homogenized wrapper and binder provide pipe smokers with a one of a kind alternative to the ordinary pipe. Each Black & Mild cigar is fitted with a plastic tip that is specially designed for an effortless draw and added comfort. Memories of grandma’s apple pie come flooding back every time you inhale this delicious fruit flavored tobacco. Each order comes with 10 packs containing 5 cigars each. Trust us when we say, you’ll be left wanting more!

Black & Mild
John Middleton Co
10 Packs of 5 Cigars

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Lem B on 11/29/2023
I love the aroma and the taste of the cigar very mild and flavorful

Monique T on 03/22/2021

Paige I on 07/15/2020

Martin B on 05/27/2020

James N on 05/12/2020

Robin S on 03/07/2020

Kathy W on 12/10/2019
These are for my husband for Christmas. This is his favorite cigars. They are to expensive to buy at any stores around us. He will enjoy these

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