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Black and Mild Select Cigars 10 5pks
Black and Mild Select Cigars 10 5pks
Black and Mild Select Cigars 10 5pks

Formerly known as Black & Mild Mild Cigars, Black & Mild Select Cigars are manufactured by Middleton Co., and became a well-known name based on the exceptional smoking quality these cigars offer. Each cigar is machine rolled with Middleton’s choice pipe tobacco to give smokers the pipe feels and taste without the bulk of a pipe. Convenience is an important factor in all aspects of our lives. Cigars add to that convenience. Whether you’re on the golf course, the beach or on your way home for the weekend Middleton’s Black & Mild Select Cigars are as soon as it gets! Made famous for their light flavor and premium quality tobacco Middleton’s Black & Mild Select Cigars are wrapped with a natural homogenized wrapper. Each cigar is packed with specially grown tobacco and a fitted plastic tip to ensure comfort while smoking and a strong, fluid draw. Each order comes with 10 packs containing 5 cigars each.

Black And Mild
John Middleton Co
Mild Select Cream
10 Packs of 5 Cigars

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TARA B on 04/14/2020
Pretty fast service the price is good but could be alittle cheaper being that your buying buy the quality i can buy 10 boxes from the store for 4.50 each send a sista some coupons

Felix L on 04/25/2020
Fast shipping and great product

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