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Black and Mild Original Cigars 25ct Box Pre Priced
Black and Mild Original Cigars 25ct Box Pre Priced
Black and Mild Original Cigars 25ct Box Pre Priced

Nothing ever beats the original and the same goes for cigars. Middleton’s Black & Mild Original Cigars are full of flavor and will never disappoint. The smooth taste of tobacco and sweet aroma of a pipe are compacted into a perfectly rolled cigar. Manufactured by John Middleton Co, these premium-machine rolled cigars are America’s most trusted brand. A natural homogenized wrapper and binder hold the high-quality Black Cavendish and Golden Virginia tobaccos grown in Pennsylvania. Middleton’s Black & Mild Original Cigars give smokers a delightful alternative to the pipe while still offering the pleasant, strong flavor of tobacco that the pipe is known for. Known for being economical and affordable these cigars come in a selection of sophisticated flavors but the Black & Mild Original Cigar will never go out of style. Each cigar is fitted with a plastic tip for added comfort and a consistently dependable draw. Each order comes with 25 cigars.

Black & Mild
John Middleton Co
Box of 25 Cigars

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Top Customer Reviews

Thomas M on 05/18/2023

Janet M on 01/02/2023
The Casino, wood tip are awesome.

Jeffrey W on 11/11/2022
Overall, I'm satisfied. Typically these Black & Milds are fresh and shipped with consideration in a bubble wrapper. My last particular order of these was about 10% stale. Also, they weren't shipped in a bubble package so 5 - 10 cigars were crushed in transit. Hoping my next order will be better!

JOSE F on 11/09/2022
Same price each order...and delivered within 48 hours. Priceless.

Larry H on 07/02/2022

FRANK S on 05/05/2022
Better to buy here than in a store. Reasonable price

Ezra B on 12/31/2021
great price and Quick shipping

Ron M on 10/04/2021

Anica M on 10/04/2021
That sweet and rustic first puff is the most satisfying taste I can compare to a 12 foot drop from a roller coaster. Pure Bliss!

Shayla D on 06/17/2021

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