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Treasure every moment, elevate every occasion. The perfect cigar brand can turn any ordinary day into an unforgettable experience – from the morning’s solitude and an afternoon’s pause to the tranquil evening. 

A great cigar is an all-day companion, transforming each time of day into a unique, fulfilling event.

Indeed, most cigars are savored post-work when the sun dips below the horizon, and tranquility ensues. But cigars are versatile; their unique experiences aren’t confined strictly to time but harmonize with the varying moods of your day.

Choosing the right cigar isn’t just about flavor or strength; it’s about finding the blend that resonates with your rhythm. Your preferences and timing can create an enjoyable, memorable experience.

So, get ready to discover the best cigars money can buy online in 2023 – premium cigars that intertwine with the fabric of your day, enhancing ordinary moments at any time, especially at night. 

Next, we’ll unveil a collection of exquisite cigar brands that transcend the boundaries of time, ready for enjoyment whenever you are. 

Our Top 12 Best Cigar Brands of the Year

As a seasoned cigar retailer hailing from Newport, Kentucky, we’ve spent years indulging in the art of cigar selection and appreciation. 

In fact, our time-tested expertise has given us a keen understanding of what true cigar smokers cherish in their cigars and cigarillos. 

With this knowledge and wisdom, we’ve curated a list that’s set to ignite your senses and enhance your daily rhythm. 

We now invite you to check out our top 12 best cigars, hand-selected with you in mind. So without further ado, let’s discover, shall we?

1. Cohiba Cigars

Cohiba Cigars, a name synonymous with luxury, elegance, and refinement, is a brand revered by connoisseurs across the globe. These cigars represent the pinnacle of skilled craftsmanship, embodying a perfect harmony of flavor, complexity, and balance. 

With their remarkable history and reputation for excellence, they offer a cigar experience that transcends the ordinary, transporting the smoker on a sensory journey that encompasses a diverse range of nuanced profiles.

At the heart of every Cohiba cigar is a careful blend of premium tobacco leaves, meticulously chosen for their unique characteristics. Each cigar reflects a careful balance of intensity and flavor – a testament to the depth of the brand’s cigar-making expertise.

Cohiba cigars are meticulously handcrafted in both Cuba and the Dominican Republic, embodying the distinct characteristics of these renowned tobacco-growing regions. The final touch in the Cohiba creation process is wrapping each cigar in various carefully selected, top-quality wrapper leaves, further enhancing the complexity of flavors and aromas.

Cohiba Dominican Cigars Now Available In:

  • Churchill 5 Pack EMS Wrapper: A rich, full-bodied cigar offering complex flavors and a pleasing aroma.
  • Corona 5 Pack EMS Wrapper: Known for its smooth, creamy smoke and medium-bodied flavor profile.
  • Lonsdale Grande 5 Pack EMS Wrapper: A long cigar that provides a slow, enjoyable smoke with a balanced blend of flavors.
  • Pequeno Tin Maduro Wrapper: A small cigar that packs a punch with rich, dark flavors courtesy of its Maduro wrapper.
  • Robusto Box 5 Pack EMS Wrapper: Medium-bodied and boasting a complex mix of flavors, this cigar is a favorite among smokers.
  • Robusto Fino 5 Pack EMS Wrapper: Slightly milder than its Robusto counterpart, this cigar offers a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.

Explore the enchanting world of Cohiba Cigars and discover your own favorite. Be sure to check out our next exceptional recommendation.

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2. Montecristo Cigars

Montecristo Cigars, a name steeped in tradition and well-respected in the realm of premium tobacco, promises an intricate balance of flavor and complexity. These cigars are synonymous with sublime smoking experiences, leaving indelible impressions on both novice smokers and seasoned smokers.

Every Montecristo cigar encapsulates the meticulous selection of the finest tobacco leaves. These leaves are chosen for their distinct attributes, contributing to the cigar’s final flavor profile and intensity. This demonstrates the depth of expertise behind the creation of each Montecristo cigar.

Hailing from either Cuba or the Dominican Republic, these cigars are steeped in the rich, distinct characteristics of these renowned tobacco-growing regions. To add to their charm, each cigar is carefully wrapped in a variety of high-quality leaves, intensifying the complexity of the flavors and aromas that characterize the Montecristo brand.

Montecristo Cigars Now Available In:

  • Afrique Lemosho Medium Brown: Offers a unique blend of African tobaccos with a medium-bodied profile.
  • Cabinet Selection No. 20 Medium Brown: A deliciously spicy cigar with an earthy aroma.
  • Churchill Natural: An iconic, full-bodied smoke with a diverse blend of flavors.
  • Corona Grand: Known for its smooth, creamy smoke and rich flavor.
  • Montecristo Montes Natural: A medium-bodied smoke with a blend of spices and cedar notes.
  • Original No. 1 Ten Count Box EMS Wrapper: A classic, full-bodied cigar that offers rich and satisfying smoke.
  • Original No. 2 Ten Count Box EMS Wrapper: A milder cigar with a complex flavor profile and a pleasant aroma.
  • Peruvian Fer De Lance 5 Pack Maduro Wrapper: Offers a rich, robust smoke with a touch of spice and sweetness.
  • White Toro Natural Wrapper: Known for its creamy smoke and a subtle blend of earthy flavors.
  • Peruvian Buena Fortuna 5 Pack Maduro Wrapper: A hearty, medium to full-bodied smoke with a spicy kick.
  • Habana 2000 Wrapper Magnum Medium Brown: A medium-bodied cigar with a diverse blend of flavors and a creamy finish.
  • Series V Corona Gorda Medium Brown: Offers a rich, satisfying smoke with a hint of pepper and earthy undertones.
  • Toro Natural: A classic cigar with a smooth, mild flavor profile.
  • Robusto Maduro: Known for its robust flavors and pleasing aroma.

Indulge in the extraordinary world of Montecristo Cigars. Now, let’s venture into our next captivating recommendation.

3. Macanudo Cigars

Consistency and quality are the cornerstones of Macanudo Cigars. Offering a serene, mellow smoking experience, Macanudo embraces a palette of refined flavors and subtle nuances that have established it as a globally recognized brand in the cigar realm. Each Macanudo cigar is a labor of love, reflecting careful craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Macanudo Cigars hail from the Dominican Republic, a region celebrated for its fertile soil and favorable climate that nurtures high-quality tobacco. The blend of the choicest tobaccos yields a diverse range of strengths, catering to a broad spectrum of tastes and preferences. As for the wrapper, the selection is just as diverse as the wrapper, contributing significantly to the texture and flavor of the smoking experience.

Macanudo Cigars Now Available In:

  • Ascot Maduro: A petite cigar with a deep, rich flavor.
  • Diplomat Natural/Maduro: Notable for its unconventional figurado shape and delightful taste.
  • Duke of Devon Maduro/Natural: A bold, satisfying smoke with a consistent burn.
  • Hyde Park Natural: Offers a creamy, smooth draw with rich flavors.
  • Library Edition Natural: Combines a Connecticut wrapper with Dominican fillers for a mild, pleasing smoke.
  • Lords Natural: Presents a perfect balance of smoothness and flavor.
  • Majesty Natural: A mild smoke with subtle, complex flavors.
  • Miniatures Natural: Small in size but big on taste.
  • Petit Corona Natural/Packs Natural: A delightfully mild cigar perfect for a shorter smoke.
  • Prince of Wales Natural: A long, mild cigar perfect for a leisurely smoke.
  • Prince Phillip Maduro: A rich, full-bodied smoke with a pleasant aroma.
  • Rothschild Maduro: A robust smoke with a slow burn and full flavor.
  • Trump’s Natural: A classic medium-bodied smoke with consistent flavor.
  • Macanudo Collection: A perfect assortment of Macanudo’s best offerings.
  • Crystals Natural: A luxurious cigar with crystal tube packaging.
  • Hampton Court Maduro: A perfect blend of mild Dominican tobaccos and a Connecticut Maduro wrapper.
  • Prince Phillip Natural: A long, flavorful smoke for those lazy afternoons.
  • Robust Ascot/Hyde Park/Lords Medium Brown: A new blend with a more robust, fuller-bodied flavor.
  • Vintage 2000 Number 1/2 Natural: A premium cigar made with tobacco from the 2000 crop.
  • Vintage 97 Vintage XX Natural: Combines the best tobaccos of 1997 for a superior smoking experience.

Prepare yourself to explore the exquisite offerings of Macanudo Cigars. Let’s now move on to our next compelling recommendation.

4. Romeo y Julieta Cigars

Romeo y Julieta Cigars, a brand steeped in tradition and history, offers an extensive portfolio of unforgettable cigars, each showcasing a unique, lively personality. These cigars are cherished for their welcoming, robust flavors and the brand’s commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards.

Hailing from Cuba and the Dominican Republic, regions known for superior tobacco, Romeo y Julieta Cigars represent an exemplary fusion of rich heritage and superior craftsmanship. The selected tobaccos generate diverse strengths to cater to various tastes and preferences. Similarly, the wrapper type varies, significantly influencing the texture and flavor profile of the smoking experience.

Romeo y Julieta Cigars Now Available In:

  • Belicoso Medium Brown: A delightfully bold smoke filled with rich, creamy flavors.
  • Clemenceau Tube Medium Brown: A classic medium-bodied cigar that offers a smooth, enjoyable draw.
  • Exhibition No 1 Medium Brown: Filled with intricate flavors and aromas, this cigar provides an unrivaled smoking experience.
  • Exhibition No 3 Medium Brown: A wonderful blend of choice tobaccos, offering a robust flavor and even burn.
  • Julietas Medium Brown: Small but mighty, these cigars pack a lot of flavor in a compact size.
  • Lancero Medium Brown: A long, slim cigar that offers a sophisticated, complex smoking experience.
  • Library Edition Medium Brown: A collector’s favorite, delivering consistent, quality flavor.
  • Souvenir Medium Brown: A remarkable cigar that provides an extraordinary, balanced smoking experience.
  • Dreams Glass Medium Brown: A masterfully crafted cigar offering a dreamy, robust smoke.
  • Reserve Maduro Belicoso/Churchill/Toro/No. 4 Maduro: Full-bodied and rich, these cigars deliver a robust flavor profile.
  • Reserva Real Corona/Lonsdale/Toro Medium Brown: Offering a smooth draw with balanced flavors, these cigars are truly a delight to smoke.
  • Reserva Real It’s a Boy!/It’s a Girl! Medium Brown: Perfect for celebrating life’s milestones.
  • Vintage I/II/VI/IV Natural: Blending the finest tobaccos for a superior, flavorful smoking experience.

Embark on an exciting journey exploring the vast offerings of Romeo y Julieta Cigars. Let’s now delve into our next remarkable brand.

5. Perdomo Cigars

Perdomo Cigars, widely recognized for their Nicaraguan heritage, embody hearty flavors and meticulous craftsmanship. They offer an enthralling, rich smoking experience that engages the senses from the initial draw to the final exhale.

Sourced from the fertile soils of Nicaragua, Perdomo Cigars utilize some of the finest tobacco in the world. The intricate selection of tobaccos facilitates an array of strengths, satisfying various flavors and preferences. The wrapper type varies and contributes significantly to the flavor profile and overall smoking experience.

Perdomo Cigars Now Available In:

  • La Tradicion Cabinet Series 25 Corona Maduro: A complex, full-bodied cigar that delivers a balanced blend of flavors.
  • La Tradicion Cabinet Series 25 Corona Rosado: Offers a smooth, satisfying draw with subtle hints of spice.
  • La Tradicion Cabinet Series 25 Rosado Churchills: Known for its robust flavors and consistent burn.
  • Reserve X Natural: A medium-bodied cigar with a pleasant blend of flavors and a smooth finish.
  • Squared Rhombus Natural: Features a square shape and a blend of rich, robust flavors.

Explore the compelling universe of Perdomo Cigars and their rich, deep flavors. As we proceed, let’s delve into our next distinguished brand.

6. Ashton Cigars

Ashton Cigars stands as a shining epitome of excellence in premium cigars. This brand effortlessly blends time-honored tradition with novel innovation to craft a stunning array of top-tier cigars. Each Ashton cigar delivers a unique smoking experience characterized by a richly nuanced flavor profile and unparalleled consistency.

Ashton Cigars are cultivated in the Dominican Republic, a region celebrated for its rich, fertile soil and favorable climate that breeds top-tier tobacco. The blend of carefully selected tobaccos results in a variety of strengths, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences. As for the wrapper’s selection is just as diverse, playing a vital role in defining the texture and flavor of the smoking experience.

Ashton Cigars Now Available In:

  • Cabinet No 1 Natural: Known for its creamy, smooth draw and subtle, complex flavors.
  • Panetela Natural: A slim, elegant cigar offering a balanced, mild-to-medium strength experience.
  • 898 Natural: Characterized by its mild, creamy flavor and excellent construction.
  •    A small yet full-flavored cigar that provides a consistently satisfying smoke.

Explore the unique flavors and textures of Ashton Cigars and enjoy an unrivaled smoking experience. Let’s proceed to our next prestigious brand.

7. Plasencia Cigars

With its deep-seated heritage and unwavering commitment to perfection, Plasencia Cigars brings forth a selection of premium cigars that are nothing short of spectacular. Crafted from the choicest tobacco, these cigars showcase captivating flavors and varying strengths, promising an ideal match for every discerning palate.

Plasencia Cigars are grown in Nicaragua and Honduras; renowned regions celebrated for their rich, fertile soil and optimal climate for nurturing superior tobacco. The blend of carefully selected tobacco ensures a spectrum of strengths, appeasing diverse tastes and preferences. The wrapper’s variety is just as significant, offering a range of textures and flavors, thereby enriching the overall smoking experience.

Plasencia Cigars Now Available In:

  • Lonsdale Natural: A medium-bodied cigar offering a balanced, complex flavor profile.
  • T.K.O. Maduro: A full-bodied smoke boasting rich, bold flavors wrapped in a dark, oily Maduro leaf.

Step into the illustrious world of Plasencia Cigars and bask in an extraordinary smoking experience. Ready to unveil our next exceptional brand?

8. Partagas Cigars

With roots dating back to the 19th century, Partagas Cigars stands for tradition and quality. Each cigar reflects high craftsmanship, delivering robust and deep flavors representing the brand’s Cuban heritage. Well-known globally, these cigars offer an enriching experience that’s steeped in a rich cultural legacy.

Originating from the Dominican Republic, a place celebrated for its superior tobacco, Partagas Cigars cater to various flavors through their varied strengths. Further, the choice of the wrapper, available in Natural or Maduro, significantly influences each smoke’s texture and flavor profile. Each wrapper type contributes unique characteristics to the overall blend, enhancing the quality of the smoking experience.

Partagas Cigars Now Available In:

  • Black Label Bravo Maduro: Offers a robust and complex flavor profile with a dark Maduro wrapper.
  • Black Label Clasico Maduro: A medium to full-bodied cigar with rich, smooth flavors.
  • Black Label Maximo Tube Maduro: Packaged in individual tubes, this cigar offers convenience without compromising on taste.
  • Black Label Prontos Maduro: A small, flavorful cigar perfect for a quick smoke.
  • 898 Medium Brown: A traditional, well-balanced cigar with a medium-brown wrapper.
  • Aristocrat Medium Brown: A classic medium-bodied cigar known for its smooth draw and pleasing aroma.
  • Humitube Medium Brown: Packed in a tube to preserve freshness, it offers a unique blend of flavors.
  • Library Edition Medium Brown: A special edition cigar that’s rich in flavor and history.
  • Naturales Maduro: Features a Maduro wrapper and offers a blend of complex flavors.
  • No. 1 Maduro: A popular choice among aficionados, it delivers rich, full-bodied smoke.
  • No. 2 Medium Brown: Known for its smooth draw and consistent burn.
  • No. 6 Medium Brown: A shorter cigar that’s packed with flavor.
  • Purito Medium Brown: Small in size but delivers a full-bodied flavor.
  • Sabrosos Medium Brown: Offers a unique blend of sweet and spicy flavors.
  • Almirantes Medium Brown: A long, leisurely smoke with a complex flavor profile.
  • Fabulosos Medium Brown: Known for its fabulous taste and flawless construction.
  • No. 1 Maduro Wrapper: A beautifully crafted cigar with a rich Maduro wrapper.
  • No. 10 Medium Brown: Offers a complex blend of flavors with a consistent burn.
  • No. 10 Maduro: A full-bodied cigar with a rich flavor profile.
  • No. 8 Maduro: A luxurious smoke that’s both flavorful and aromatic.
  • Seri S Esplendido Medium Brown: A splendid cigar offering a rich, complex flavor.
  • Seri S Perfecto Medium Brown: Perfectly crafted for a consistent, satisfying smoke.
  • Seri S Preferido Medium Brown: Preferred by many for its smooth, rich flavors.

Enjoy the exceptional depth and richness of flavors that Partagas Cigars offer. Let’s now proceed to the next notable cigar selection.

9. CAO Cigars

Recognized for their innovation and creativity, CAO Cigars have become a staple in the world of premium cigars. The brand offers a diverse spectrum of unique blends that cater to many flavors. Whether you prefer bold and spicy notes or enjoy a mellow and smooth smoke, CAO has a cigar to match your preferences. Notably, these cigars have been highly acclaimed for their varied flavor profiles, meticulous construction, and overall quality they bring to each smoking session.

Made from the finest quality tobaccos sourced from various parts of the world, CAO Cigars are designed to deliver a top-notch smoking experience. Each cigar’s rich blend presents an exciting variety of tastes and aromas. The selection of wrappers, from natural to maduro, adds another dimension of flavor, enhancing the overall experience.

CAO Cigars Now Available In:

  • Gol Medium Brown: A medium-bodied cigar delivering a smooth, flavorful smoke.
  • Piranhas Medium Brown: Offering a unique shape and a complex blend of flavors.
  • Petite Extreme Medium Brown: Small in size but offers an extreme flavor experience.
  • Petite Maduro Maduro: A petite cigar with a Maduro wrapper, offering rich and robust smoke.

Immerse yourself in the intriguing flavors and superior craftsmanship of CAO Cigars. Let’s continue exploring our next extraordinary cigar selection.

10. Punch Cigars

Steeped in tradition, Punch Cigars holds a reputation as one of the world’s oldest and most revered brands in the cigar industry. Characterized by their full-bodied flavor and exceptional quality, Punch Cigars offer a robust, hearty smoke that’s truly unforgettable. With a deep-rooted heritage, these cigars stand as a magnificent choice for those who appreciate the finer aspects of the smoking world.

Punch Cigars are made from the finest tobacco, providing a smooth, balanced smoke that boasts a full-bodied flavor profile. Each cigar is crafted with precision, maintaining the brand’s consistency and high-quality standards. This commitment to excellence is evident in each cigar, offering cigar enthusiasts an exceptional smoking experience.

Punch Cigars Now Available In:

  • Chateau L Medium Brown/Maduro: A cigar with a medium-bodied profile, delivering a well-rounded smoking experience.
  • Double Corona Maduro: A full-bodied cigar with rich flavors and a Maduro wrapper.
  • Library Edition Medium Brown: A limited edition cigar that provides a balanced and refined flavor profile.
  • Pita Maduro/Medium Brown: Known for its consistency and medium-bodied smoke.
  • Presidente Maduro: A full-flavored smoke with a Maduro wrapper.
  • Punch Maduro/Medium Brown: A classic cigar that delivers rich, complex flavors.
  • Royal Coronation Medium Brown: A medium-bodied, elegant smoke.
  • Slim Panetela Medium Brown: A slim, mild cigar with a consistent draw.
  • Elite Maduro: A small yet flavorful cigar with a Maduro wrapper.
  • London Club Maduro: A compact cigar delivering a rich and satisfying smoke.
  • Rothschild Maduro/5 Pack Double Maduro Wrapper: Robust and rich in flavor with a Maduro wrapper.
  • Gran Cru No. 2 Pyramid Maduro/Natural: A premium line that offers a smooth yet complex flavor profile.
  • Gran Cru Robustos/Monarca Natural: These cigars feature natural wrappers and provide a smooth, full-bodied smoke.

Relish in the full-bodied, exceptional quality of Punch Cigars. Let’s explore our next distinguished cigar selection.

11. Baccarat Cigars

Baccarat Cigars have a long-standing reputation for delivering a smooth, creamy, mild, and flavorful profile. This makes them a much sought-after choice among cigar enthusiasts who prefer a delicate yet deeply satisfying smoking experience. Known for their consistent quality, Baccarat Cigars guarantee an enjoyable experience with each puff.

Baccarat Cigars originate from Honduras, a region renowned for its excellent tobacco-growing conditions. These cigars utilize a unique blend of tobacco, offering a subtle sweetness that is distinct to the brand. This sweetness, coupled with the mildness of the smoke, provides a balanced and enjoyable experience that entices both beginners and seasoned cigar smokers.

Baccarat Cigars Now Available In:

  • Belicoso EMS Wrapper: Features a mild-to-medium body, offering a smooth, enjoyable smoke.
  • Bonitas Medium Brown: A petite corona with a delicate flavor profile.
  • Double Corona Medium Brown: A lengthy smoke with a mild body and consistent burn.
  • Kings EMS Wrapper: Offers a long, pleasant smoke with a mild flavor.
  • No. 1 EMS Wrapper: A mild cigar with a steady burn, perfect for a relaxing smoke.
  • Panetela Medium Brown: A slender cigar with flavorful, mild smoke.
  • Petit Corona EMS Wrapper: A small yet satisfying smoke with a gentle flavor.
  • Polo Pyramid Medium Brown: A pyramid-shaped cigar with a smooth, mild profile.
  • Churchill EMS Wrapper: A long, mild smoke ideal for leisurely enjoyment.
  • Dominican Luchadores Natural Wrapper: A mild Dominican cigar with a creamy, smooth taste.
  • Rothschild EMS Wrapper: A robust cigar with a consistent burn and mild flavor.
  • Toro Medium Brown: A classic cigar offering satisfying, flavorful smoke.

Take pleasure in the subtle sweetness and mild, flavorful profile of Baccarat Cigars. Now, let’s move on to our next distinguished cigar selection.

12. Bolivar Cigars

Bolivar Cigars stand as a stalwart symbol of traditional cigar craftsmanship, with a rich history that goes back over a century. The brand offers a range of full-bodied cigars renowned for their rich and bold flavors. Every cigar from Bolivar is a masterpiece, showcasing complex flavors and excellent craftsmanship, making each smoking experience unforgettable.

Coming from Cuba’s fertile lands, Bolivar Cigars are known for its exceptional quality. The selection of prime Cuban tobaccos contributes to their full-bodied profile and robust flavor palette. This bold and complex flavor profile is a unique feature of Bolivar Cigars, setting them apart from many other brands and making them a favorite among seasoned cigar smokers.

Bolivar Cigars Now Available In:

  • Tubos No 7 Medium Brown: Offers a complex blend of flavors with a full-bodied profile.
  • Tubos No 1 Medium Brown: Delivers a robust and richly flavored smoke.
  • Fuerte Library Edition Medium Brown: A special edition cigar with a rich, full-bodied profile and complex flavors.

Immerse yourself in the rich, complex flavors of Bolivar Cigars, a testament to the brand’s tradition and cigar-making art.

There you have it, our top 12 best cigars available here at Buy Pipe Tobacco (BPT). Each unique, each exceptional. Explore these brands and discover your perfect match. 

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