Game Leaf Flavors Updates With Current Price Guide

If you’ve been looking for all the Game Leaf flavors in one place, you’ve just found them here at Buy Pipe Tobacco. We’re an online tobacco retailer that offers the best prices on all your favorite cigars and cigarillos, including Game!

In this blog post, we’ll discuss everything there’s to know about these natural-leaf cigars, including how to buy them online and all the current flavors available. Plus, we’re going to provide you with an easy-to-navigate price chart.

Also, please note that we update our content regularly, so the prices and flavors below are 100% accurate and up-to-date! As one of America’s most popular cigarillo brands, Game often releases new flavors, and we’ll always make sure you’re the first to know. 

On that note, let’s now discover everything there’s to know about Game Leaf. To begin, we’ll start off with all the current flavors. Then, we’ll provide you with the latest price guide, easy order-now links, and a free ticket to save money and time! 

After that, we’ll wrap this one up with a Game Leaf and let you know what separates us from other online smoke shops; that way, you’ll know in advance what you’re getting for your money, which is a guarantee. Follow us to the end to learn all the details! 

All the Game Leaf Flavors that are Available Today Online

Now that we’ve discussed the rich history and craftsmanship behind Game Leaf cigarillos by Garcia y Vega, we invite you to check out all Game Leaf flavors available this year.

Whether you’re a long-time Game smoker or a newcomer, there’s a Game Leaf flavor out there made with you in mind.  

Remember, each flavor isn’t just a blend of tobacco but a reflection of over a century of expertise in the craft of cigar-making. You can find our complete, current selection available for purchase online right here at Buy Pipe Tobacco. 

So prepare yourself to ignite an experience, for each Game Leaf cigarillo is a journey of flavors just waiting for you to set ablaze!

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Game Leaf Cognac

Experience the luxurious allure of Game Leaf Cognac. This distinct flavor fuses the richness of aged cognac with premium tobacco, offering a smooth, indulgent smoke. It’s time for a flavorful escape, available in a 15-pack box with two cigarillos per pack or an 8-pack box featuring five cigarillos per pack. Order below to bring this flavor home today! 

Game Leaf Creme

Indulge in the velvety smoothness of Game Leaf Cream, the newest, limited-edition flavor by Game. This unique yet captivating blend presents a creamy, rich smoke that’s as fleeting as it is delightful. Available in 15-pack and 8-pack boxes, be sure to order swiftly before this exclusive experience sells out forever! 

Game Leaf Dark

Immerse yourself in the depths of Game Leaf Dark cigarillos, one of the newest everyday flavors. Made from tobacco leaves aged for at least 12 months, this blend offers the richest, darkest smoking experience on Earth. Choose from one of our 15-pack or 8-pack boxes to dive straight into these full-bodied cigars today.

Game Leaf Dark Rum

Relish the robust notes of Game Leaf Dark Rum, a new release from the Game Leaf Reserve series. This limited-edition cigarillo blends top-rated, expertly aged dark-leaf tobacco with natural hints of rum for an unforgettable smoke. Secure yours today – before we’re tempted to keep them all to ourselves! Now available in 8-pack and 15-pack boxes. 

Game Leaf Natural

Experience the pure essence of tobacco with Game Leaf Natural cigarillos. Crafted with a premium broadleaf wrapper and Cuban-seed tobacco grown in the Dominican Republic, it delivers a straightforward, robust smoking experience. Available in 15-pack and 8-pack boxes, it’s a classic all-natural flavor waiting to be savored by you! 

Game Leaf Pineapple

It’s now your turn to try Game Leaf Pineapple cigarillos! This exotic flavor offers a sweet, tangy twist to your smoke, providing an island escape with each puff. This fruity pleasure is only available in an 8-pack box of five (40 cigars), extending your vacation into the weeks! Order today – it’s time to fly high!

Game Leaf Sweet

Take in the satisfying simplicity of Game Leaf Sweet cigarillos. Made with the same exquisite tobacco and attention to detail, this blend offers a sweet twist to the traditional flavor you know and appreciate. Now available in 15-pack and 8-pack boxes, it’s a treat for those who enjoy a touch of sweetness with their smoke! 

Game Leaf Tropical

Embark on an exotic journey with Game Leaf Tropical cigarillos, a unique signature flavor from the Limited Edition Reserve Series. Boasting perfectly aged tobacco with a deliciously tropical twist, these cigars offer a quick escape to paradise with each puff. Available in 15-pack and 8-pack boxes, it’s an exclusive getaway awaiting your discovery. 

Game Leaf White Russian

Relax and fire up a smooth Game Leaf White Russian cigarillo. Featuring a unique flavor profile inspired by the classic cocktail, this cigarillo infuses your smoke with a luxurious combination of cream and coffee tones. It’s an experience that promises to captivate and delight with each draw. Also, it’s available here in both package sizes, the 15-pack and 8-pack boxes. 

Game Leaf Wild Berry

Step into a forest of flavor with Game Leaf Wild Berry cigarillos. This blend bursts with the sweet and tart notes of mixed berries, turning your smoke into a mouthwatering medley of summer flavors. Available in 15-pack and 8-pack boxes, it’s a wild and fruity adventure in every puff. Order now and enjoy fast shipping nationwide!

Current Game Leaf Flavors and Prices

Game Leaf FlavorsPackage SizesCigars Per BoxDescriptionPrice Per BoxOrder Here
Game Leaf Cognac8-Pack Box of 540 CigarsRich, Luxurious, Smooth$25.99Buy Here
Game Leaf Cognac15-Pack Box of 230 CigarsRich, Luxurious, Smooth$19.69Buy Here
Game Leaf Creme8-Pack Box of 540 CigarsVelvety, Rich, Limited-Edition$20.69Buy Here
Game Leaf Creme15-Pack Box of 230 CigarsVelvety, Rich, Limited-Edition$19.69Buy Here
Game Leaf Dark8-Pack Box of 540 CigarsAged, Full-bodied, Robust$25.99Buy Here
Game Leaf Dark15-Pack Box of 230 CigarsAged, Full-bodied, Robust$19.69Buy Here
Game Leaf Dark Rum8-Pack Box of 540 CigarsAged, Robust, Rum-Infused$20.69Buy Here
Game Leaf Dark Rum15-Pack Box of 230 CigarsAged, Robust, Rum-Infused$16.79Buy Here
Game Leaf Natural8-Pack Box of 540 CigarsPure, Robust, Traditional$25.99Buy Here
Game Leaf Natural15-Pack Box of 230 CigarsPure, Robust, Traditional$19.69Buy Here
Game Leaf Pineapple8-Pack Box of 540 CigarsTropical, Sweet, Tangy$25.99Buy Here
Game Leaf Sweet8-Pack Box of 540 CigarsSimple, Satisfying, Sweet$25.99Buy Here
Game Leaf Sweet15-Pack Box of 230 CigarsSimple, Satisfying, Sweet$19.69Buy Here
Game Leaf Tropical8-Pack Box of 540 CigarsExotic, Unique, Memorable$20.69Buy Here
Game Leaf Tropical15-Pack Box of 230 CigarsExotic, Unique, Memorable$16.79Buy Here
Game Leaf White Russian8-Pack Box of 540 CigarsSmooth, Creamy, Coffee-toned$25.99Buy Here
Game Leaf White Russian15-Pack Box of 230 CigarsSmooth, Creamy, Coffee-toned$19.69Buy Here
Game Leaf Wild Berry8-Pack Box of 540 CigarsSweet, Tart, Berry-rich$25.99Buy Here
Game Leaf Wild Berry15-Pack Box of 230 CigarsSweet, Tart, Berry-rich$19.69Buy Here
Current Game Leaf Flavors | 2023

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