Have you been spending entirely too much money on cigarettes? There is a solution to this that could save you a significant amount of money! Roll-Your-Own Cigarettes have been around for many years but have recently gained popularity because of the large tax hikes on traditional cigarette brands like Marlboro. This guide will help you in learning about Roll-Your-Own Cigarettes and the methods used to start rolling your own for as little as $1 a pack. Yes, you heard it, $1 a pack.

Pipe Tobacco for RYO Cigarettes

Let’s jump right in and talk about the makeup of RYO cigarettes. The first essential item needed for rolling your own would obviously be a good quality loose tobacco. The common misconception is that when your rolling your own cigarettes that you must use cigarette tobacco. Cigarette tobacco is very expensive as it took similar tax hikes in 2009 with manufactured cigarettes. Pipe Tobacco is a form of loose tobacco that works excellent for making your own cigarettes. In fact, there are many people that say it gives a more pleasant aroma and taste than traditional manufactured filtered cigarettes. Pipe Tobacco can be purchased in many different packaging sizes from 6oz all the way up to 5lbs! People commonly ask, “Well how many cigarettes can you make out of each size bag?” The simple answer: You can expect to yield about 40 cigarettes per one ounce of tobacco. A 16 ounce or 1-pound bag would yield 600 cigarettes or 3 cartons!

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Rolling Papers or Cigarette Tubes

The traditional way to RYO cigarettes was to hand roll the tobacco in a rolling paper. This process becomes very time consuming and tedious, which is why people today now use cigarette tubes. Cigarette tubes allow individuals to make a pack of cigarettes in just a few minutes. These tubes resemble the traditional manufactured filtered cigarettes with the paper and a cellulose filter at the end to draw the smoke through. Cigarette tubes come in two standard sizes just like if you were to buy a pack of Marlboro Reds at the convenient store. 84mm, which is commonly referred to as Kings or shorts. 100mm, which is commonly referred to as well… 100s. Most brands manufacture the tubes in 200ct boxes which is one carton of cigarettes. So if you buy 1 – 16oz bag of tobacco then you would need to buy 3 – 200ct boxes of cigarette tubes.

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The Grand Finale… The Cigarette Machine

The moment everyone has been waiting for. We have covered the loose tobacco and cigarette tubes; however how do we actually bring it together and make a cigarette? Some people would argue that the cigarette machine or injector was the best invention ever created, a machine that will save you thousands of dollars every year. The three basic types of machines we are going to cover are electric, manual crank, and sliders. Electric machines are going to be the most efficient as they can make a pack of cigarettes in just a few minutes. Simply fill the top of the machine with your choice of loose tobacco, slide on a cigarette tube, and press the button to inject the tobacco into the tube. Manual crank machines are similar except the tobacco is injected by a hand crank that is manually pulled over by the user. Sliders are usually the least expensive set up and utilized a sliding mechanism that pushes the tobacco into the tube. An electric machine, such as the Powermatic II will be most cost effective and efficient in the long run.

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If you are tired of paying extremely high prices on cigarettes then give Rolling-Your-Own a try!