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Criss Cross Tobacco has long been a standout in the Roll-Your-Own (RYO) tobacco market, earning its reputation through quality, variety, and affordability. With a range of flavors and package sizes, this brand caters to a diverse audience looking for a satisfying smoking experience. 

At Buy Pipe Tobacco, we’ve been in the tobacco business for half a century and pride ourselves on sharing our extensive knowledge with our community. This blog aims to be your one-stop guide to all things Criss Cross Tobacco, from its rich history to its diverse product offerings. 

We invite you to engage with us—share your thoughts, stories, or suggestions in the comments below to enrich our authentic community of smokers. Let’s dive right in and explore what makes Criss Cross a top choice for many.

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The History of Criss Cross Tobacco

As a flagship product of SX Brands, a Virginia-based tobacco manufacturer with a solid track record spanning over 20 years. 

The company has achieved remarkable financial success, with an annual revenue that exceeds $5 Million. Impressively, a significant 90% of this revenue is attributed to the widespread popularity of Criss Cross Tobacco.

However, Criss Cross Tobacco didn’t become a household name overnight. Its growth is a testament to the expertise and dedication of SX Brands

Over the years, the brand has gained a loyal following, thanks in part to its consistent quality and the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

What truly distinguishes Criss Cross Tobacco is its exceptional blend of Virginia and Burley tobacco. This combination offers a balanced and satisfying smoking experience that appeals to a broad range of smokers. 

Virginia tobacco is known for its smooth and mild characteristics, while Burley adds a richer, more robust flavor to the mix. Together, they create a harmonious blend that has become a signature feature of Criss Cross Tobacco products.

By understanding the history and unique tobacco blend of Criss Cross, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for why this brand has become a go-to choice for so many smokers. 

Feel free to share your own experiences and thoughts in the comments below as we continue to explore the various facets of this remarkable brand.

Criss Cross Tobacco Flavors and Package Sizes

When it comes to variety, Criss Cross Tobacco truly excels. At Buy Pipe Tobacco, we’re proud to offer the complete lineup of Criss Cross flavors and package sizes, ensuring that every smoker can find their perfect match. 

From traditional to more adventurous flavors and from compact to bulk packaging, the choices are extensive. Stay tuned as we discuss each flavor and package option to help you make an informed decision for your next purchase.

Menthol Flavors

For those who prefer a refreshing kick in their smoking experience, our menthol options in the Criss Cross Tobacco line are a top pick. At Buy Pipe Tobacco, we offer a range of sizes to suit your needs, from larger bags for long-term enjoyment to smaller pouches for those on the move. Don’t miss out; click the button below to order your next bag of Criss Cross Menthol Tobacco.

Criss Cross Menthol 16oz

If you’re looking for value, the Criss Cross Menthol 16oz bag is a smart choice at just $16.29. This sizable option ensures you won’t run out anytime soon. Click below to secure your next bag today.

Criss Cross Menthol 6oz

For those who want a smaller commitment without sacrificing quality, the 6oz bag priced at $7.99 is ideal. It’s a convenient size that still offers plenty of enjoyment. Click the image below to order your next bag of Criss Cross Menthol.

Criss Cross Virginia Blend Menthol 16oz

Elevate your smoking experience with the Virginia Blend Menthol in a 16oz Mega Bag, available for $17.09. This blend adds a unique twist to the classic menthol flavor. Click the button below to try out Virginia Blend Menthol, and don’t forget to let us know what you think!

Criss Cross Virginia Blend Menthol 8oz

If you’re looking for a middle-ground option, the 8oz bag priced at $10.59 is a great choice. It offers a balance between quantity and price, making it a popular pick. Click the image below to scoop up a bag(s) of Virginia Blend Menthol now.

Criss Cross Virginia Blend Menthol 3oz

For those always on the go or taking short trips, the 3oz resealable pouch at $6.59 is perfect. It’s compact, easy to carry, and offers a quick menthol fix. Click below to order your Criss Cross Virginia Blend Menthol for your next adventure.

Criss Cross Original Flavors

For smokers who appreciate the classic taste of tobacco, our selection of Criss Cross Original flavors offers something for everyone. With various package sizes available at Buy Pipe Tobacco, you can find the perfect amount to suit your smoking habits. Don’t hesitate to click the button below to order your next bag; we have plenty in stock!

Original 16oz

If longevity is what you’re after, the Criss Cross Original 16oz bag, priced at $16.29, is your go-to option. This large bag ensures you have enough to last, making it a cost-effective choice. Click the button below to order your own bag of Original Criss Cross tobacco.

Original 6oz

For a more moderate amount, the Criss Cross Original 6oz bag is available for $7.99. This size is perfect for those who want to enjoy the classic flavor without committing to a larger bag. Smash the image below to get started with Criss Cross.

Virginia Blend Original 16oz

Experience a unique take on the classic flavor with the Virginia Blend Original in a 16oz bag, priced at $17.09. This blend offers a nuanced smoking experience that sets it apart. Hit the button below to get your next bag of Criss Cross Virginia Blend shipped to you today.

Virginia Blend Original 8oz

If you’re seeking a balance between size and cost, the 8oz Virginia Blend Original bag is available for $10.59. This option provides ample tobacco without being overwhelming. Click the image below to secure your own bag of Original Virginia Blend.

Virginia Blend Original 3oz

Ideal for those who are frequently on the move, the 3oz Virginia Blend Original pouch is priced at $6.59. Its resealable design ensures freshness, making it a convenient choice for short trips. Click the button below to order your Criss Cross Virginia Blend Original for your upcoming travels.

Criss Cross Smooth Flavors

For those who enjoy a milder, smoother smoking experience, our Criss Cross Smooth flavors are an excellent choice. Available in a variety of package sizes at Buy Pipe Tobacco, you can select the amount that best fits your needs. Take action now; click the button below to order your next bag of Criss Cross Smooth Tobacco.

Smooth 16oz

If you’re in search of a long-lasting supply, the 16oz Criss Cross Smooth bag, available for $16.29, is a wise investment. This generous size ensures you’ll have a steady supply of your favorite smooth blend. Tap the button below to try Criss Cross Smooth today.

Smooth 6oz

For those who prefer a more manageable quantity, the 6oz Criss Cross Smooth bag is priced at $7.99. This package size is well-suited for those who enjoy variety and wish to switch flavors more frequently. Click the image or button below to order your next 6oz bag of Criss Cross Smooth.

Virginia Blend Smooth 16oz

Elevate your smooth smoking experience with the 16oz Virginia Blend Smooth, available for $17.09. This blend offers a unique smoothness that distinguishes it from the rest. Crush the button below to secure as many bags of Criss Cross Virginia Blend Smooth as you need; we have plenty!

Virginia Blend Smooth 8oz

If you’re looking for a moderate amount of tobacco, the 8oz Virginia Blend Smooth bag is priced at $10.59. This medium-sized resealable bag offers a happy medium between quantity and investment. Follow the image link below to be taken to our Criss Cross Virginia Blend Smooth order page today.

Virginia Blend Smooth 3oz

Perfect for those with an active lifestyle, the 3oz Virginia Blend Smooth pouch is available for $6.59. Its compact size and resealable pouch make it an ideal choice for short trips or quick outings. Check the image or button below to give Criss Cross Virginia Blend Smooth a try.

Additional Criss Cross Flavors

For smokers who are looking to explore beyond the traditional options, our additional Criss Cross flavors offer unique blends that stand out. These specialized flavors are available in different package sizes at Buy Pipe Tobacco. Don’t miss the chance; click the button below to order your next bag of one of these unique Criss Cross Tobacco blends.

Smooth Menthol 16oz

If you enjoy the refreshing qualities of menthol but prefer a smoother experience, the 16oz Criss Cross Smooth Menthol bag is available for $16.29. This blend combines the best of both worlds for a unique smoking experience. Click the image button below and pick up a bag(s) of Criss Cross Smooth Menthol and never settle for less again.

Ultra Smooth 16oz

For those who seek the ultimate in smoothness, the 16oz Criss Cross Ultra Smooth bag, priced at $16.29, is the pinnacle. This blend is crafted for those who prioritize a mild yet satisfying smoke. The image below will take you to our Criss Cross Ultra Smooth product page, where you can place your order today, right now!

Ultra Smooth 6oz

If you’re interested in trying the Ultra Smooth blend without committing to a larger bag, the 6oz option is available for $7.99. This resealable bag allows you to sample this unique blend without a significant investment. Our convenient, fast button below will take you directly to our product page, where you can buy Criss Cross Ultra Smooth today.

Affordability and Cost-Effectiveness

Switching to Roll-Your-Own (RYO) pipe tobacco is not just a matter of personal preference; it’s also a smart financial decision. The cost savings are substantial, especially when you consider the rising prices of pre-packaged cigarettes. Let’s break down the economics of using Criss Cross Tobacco for your RYO needs.

Cost of Producing Cigarettes

A 1lb bag of Criss Cross Tobacco, priced around $16.29, can yield at least 500 cigarettes. That’s equivalent to about 25 packs of cigarettes. When you compare this to the average cost of a pack of cigarettes, which ranges from $8 to $15 depending on your location, the savings become evident. Over a month, you could spend between $240 to $450 on pre-packaged cigarettes. In contrast, using Criss Cross Tobacco could cost you around $40 a month for the same amount of cigarettes.

Additional Costs

While the tobacco is the main component, you’ll also need filtered cigarette tubes. A 200-count box of these tubes costs approximately $3, and you’ll need at least three boxes for a 16oz bag of Criss Cross Tobacco. That adds another $9 to your total cost, bringing it to roughly $25 for 500 cigarettes.

Electric Cigarette Rolling Machines

To make the process even more efficient, many smokers are now using electric cigarette rolling machines like the Powermatic 3 or 4. These machines are not only reliable but also incredibly fast, capable of producing a pack of cigarettes in under five minutes. While there’s an initial investment for the machine, the long-term savings make it a worthwhile purchase. Click here to see all our electric rolling machines!

The Bottom Line on Savings

All things considered, the total estimated cost for making up to 25 packs of cigarettes with Criss Cross Tobacco and the necessary accessories is around $40 a month. That’s a fraction of what you’d spend on pre-packaged cigarettes without compromising on quality or flavor.

Ready to start saving? Click the button below to explore our wide range of Criss Cross Tobacco products and electric cigarette rolling machines.

How to Purchase Criss Cross Tobacco

Purchasing your favorite Criss Cross Tobacco products is a straightforward process at Buy Pipe Tobacco. You have two convenient options:

  1. Order by Phone: Simply dial our toll-free number, 1-877-388-0942, to speak with our service department and place your order today over the phone.
  1. Order on the Web: For a seamless online experience, click here to learn more about how you can order online here at Buy Pipe Tobacco and your options to pay.

What Sets Us Apart

While there are multiple online retailers offering Criss Cross Tobacco, we stand out for several reasons. Our state-of-the-art facility features advanced temperature and humidity controls, ensuring that your tobacco arrives fresh and in optimal condition. 

Plus, we offer next-business-day shipping and a delivery window of 2-3 business days nationwide. Free shipping is available on all orders over $199, adding to your savings. Our customer service team is committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction, and our prices are highly competitive.

Summary and Key Points

In this blog, we’ve covered the wide variety of flavors available in the Criss Cross Tobacco line, from menthol and original to smooth and additional specialty blends. We’ve also highlighted the cost-effectiveness of choosing Criss Cross for your RYO needs, with potential savings amounting to hundreds of dollars per month.

Why Choose Criss Cross

Criss Cross Tobacco has gained immense popularity for its quality, variety, and affordability. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or new to the RYO scene, Criss Cross offers something for everyone.

Our Final Thoughts About Criss Cross Tobacco

Thank you for being a valued member of our community. Please share your thoughts, suggestions, or questions in the comments section below. Remember, you must be 21 or older to purchase tobacco in the United States; this also applies to all online sales as well. Thank you in advance for your time and attention. Until the next time, stay free; fly high!

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