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Criss Cross Ultra Smooth 6oz Pipe Tobacco
Criss Cross Ultra Smooth 6oz Pipe Tobacco
Criss Cross Ultra Smooth 6oz Pipe Tobacco

One try of Criss Cross Ultra Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco and you’ll be forever hooked! It’s one of those “OMG” blends that you wish you would have known about a long time ago. It’s an extra mellow-bodied taste that’s non-aromatic and so good any time of the day or night. It will be your new favorite blend and the only brand you’ll want to use in your pipe or to roll in your cigarettes. It’s so good that you’ll want to recommend it to all of your smoking pals! With its low price, you’ll be able to stock up and buy tons of bags so that you never run out of your new favorite tobacco blend. Because believe us, you will crave the easy and mellow flavors that really make this a favorite for so many smokers. Stop trying to find the perfect tobacco blend and go with Criss Cross Ultra Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco!

SX Brands
Criss Cross
6oz Bag
Ultra Smooth

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Calvin A on 08/13/2022
What a great blend and what a great cut for RYO. You don't get as much buying 6 oz bags but I prefer the smaller bags and don't mind the few extra dollars. Smaller bags means fresher bacco and you are still getting a great smoke at a great price.

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