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Criss Cross Ultra Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Criss Cross Ultra Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco
Criss Cross Ultra Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco

Not many brands provide ultra-smooth options, but Criss Cross knows smokers want more options. Ultra Smooth is super mellow and super light, featuring a mellow-bodied taste that’s non-aromatic. You’ll find that Criss Cross Ultra Smooth 16oz Pipe Tobacco is one of the easiest smokes you’ve ever tried, making it idea for those who don’t like harsh or powerful tobacco blends. You’ll get a satisfying smoking experience that your taste buds will literally crave all day and all night. Criss Cross skillfully blends their product in such a way that makes you want to throw out all your other blends to only smoke this one. With the low price, you’ll be able to stock up on all your tobacco needs, regardless if you prefer to smoke it in your pipe or roll it in your own cigarettes. You’ll be able to make tons of cigarettes in one sitting for practically nothing!

SX Brands
Criss Cross
16oz(1lb) Bag
Ultra Smooth

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Top Customer Reviews

John H on 04/01/2020
Precisely what I wanted with a good turn-around time and pleasant customer service.

FRED P on 04/11/2020

Sam F on 10/05/2020
Thank you

Janet J on 10/05/2020
Very smooth lite tobacco

Hoang P on 04/13/2020

Kay B on 04/15/2020
I hard a hard time finding this particular flavor. Many online stores had the other blends but not the Ultra Smooth. I received the order in a timely fashion, 3 business day as promised. Even after I had a typo in my address they figured it out correctly. God job. Definitely will order again and highly recommend.

Paul R on 04/18/2020

Lori H on 04/26/2020
It's the brand I usually use

Scott R on 07/28/2020
The price was a bit higher than I pay through my regular supplier but they were out of stock. Fast deliver was great. You didn't have the tubes I use.

Scott R on 04/01/2021
Excellent tobacco and excellent seller! Only complaint is the Shipping method used USPS priority mail, took forever!

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