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Game Leaf Cigarillos Natural 15 2pks
Game Leaf Cigarillos Natural 15 2pks
Game Leaf Cigarillos Natural 15 2pks

These are one of the best-selling machine-made cigars that you can find! They are made from an all-natural tobacco blend of Cuban Seed filler and are wrapped in natural tobacco leaf. What makes these cigars unique is the fact that there are no additives or added flavors and they are perfect for those who love their cigars, natural, sharp, and straight up. These full-flavored cigars might be little, coming in at 4 ½ inches but they sure do pack a punch! Go for our pack of 15 and get 30 of these delicious little cigars at the best possible price!

Game Leaf
Garcia Y Vega
15 Packs of 2 Cigars

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Adam B on 02/15/2021
Great product. My only issue is that some of the leafs come full of holes straight out the package. That is a problem no matter where you purchase these from in my experience. Delivery was excellent

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