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Black and Mild Filter Tip Cigars 110mm 10 5pks
Black and Mild Filter Tip Cigars 110mm 10 5pks
Black and Mild Filter Tip Cigars 110mm 10 5pks

Black & Mild Filter Tip Cigars are blended with a unique composition of Middleton’s premium quality pipe tobacco and sweet cream notes. This fascinating blend of flavors makes the experience of smoking these cigars worth every penny. Middleton’s Black & Mild Filter Tip Cigars are for all smokers alike especially the 110mm cigar. Whether you are a one-time smoker or an accomplished coinsure. The filter tip on the Black & Mild Filter Tip Cigars was constructed to aid in making the taste of the smoke as smooth as can be as well as ensuring an easy smoking cigar. This particular variety of cigar has a natural tobacco wrapper and a homogenized binder that is filled with Middleton’s pipe tobacco. Each order contains 10 packs of 5 Filter Tip Cigars and are a must try for all tobacco users.

Black & Mild
John Middleton Co
10 Packs of 5 Cigars

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Top Customer Reviews

George T on 07/30/2023
A few of the cigars would not stay lit.

dillon f on 05/12/2022
Same ol black that I been smokin for years just in a more convenient way to get.

Kathy C on 12/31/2020
I use to smoke a pipe...These Black and Mild Filter Tips are rolled pipe tobacco! Taste is smooth, and soooo much handier than a pipe! Ordering associates are awesome, shipping is quick! Give them a try!

Mark M on 11/08/2020

Saphire L on 08/25/2020

Terry C on 05/20/2020
I love my purchase and service was very fast and professional.....

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