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Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Silver 16 oz
Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Silver 16 oz
Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Silver 16 oz

If you’re new to smoking or just don’t like overpowering tobacco flavors and blends, then you definitely need to try Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Silver 16oz! As one of the best economical tobacco brands on the market, you’ll love the amazing smooth flavors that the Silver bag offers. As a much smoother and subtler version that even their Mild offering, the Silver is intoxicating and refreshing. You wont’ experience any harsh aftertaste, providing a more pleasant smoking experience from start to finish. Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Silver 16oz uses very subtle flavorings for a more subdued flavor for your palette that’s a lot easier on your throat. It’s actually just a tinge aromatic, but 100% enjoyable! Plus, each bag of Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Silver 16oz is packaged and processed to ensure minimal shake and maximum value. This means more tobacco in each bag of Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Silver 16oz you buy!

Rouseco Tobacco
Golden Harvest
16oz(1lb) Bag

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Top Customer Reviews

Hubert M on 01/18/2024
Mild with good flavor, but the tobacco is cut very fine.

Daniel S on 12/14/2023
Good Product,Great online Shop. Thanks Again.

Stan A on 10/26/2023

Nancy L on 06/07/2023

Christine T on 03/29/2023

ivan p on 12/29/2022
Rolls better than some brands and the flavor is mild but satisfying.

James L on 08/28/2022
GH silver has the best flavor I've come across (Good stuff, OHM, KY select, Gambler, and a few others). BUT the cut requires considerable prep work to function in the Power Master 3 ryo machine.

Cathy W on 03/29/2022
My new one of choice.Use to be the blue which is also great, silver a little more mild. Snipping is great too.

Eve C on 08/09/2021

Michael C on 06/21/2021

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