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Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Red 6 oz
Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Red 6 oz
Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Red 6 oz

Smokers everywhere have made Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Red 6oz their go-to tobacco blend and now it’s time that you do, too! The traditional and bold blend is filled with a strong and full-bodied flavor that your taste buds will literally crave. You’ll find the aroma pleasant, while the smoke is well-balanced from beginning to end. Each bag of Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Red 6oz is packed in such a way to make sure that you get minimal shake, but maximum value. This translates to more amazing tobacco for your pipe or cigarettes in every bag! Plus, Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Red 6oz uses unique flavor techniques and even limits chemicals to make sure that you get the best taste and blend. The affordable brand provides premium tobacco at wallet friendly prices, allowing you the chance to stock up on such wonderful flavor so that you’re never without your favorite blend.

Rouseco Tobacco
Golden Harvest
6oz Bag

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Top Customer Reviews

Joseph G on 12/13/2022
I tried the 8 oz. just to test it out. Although it is OK, I still prefer the Good Stuff much better.

mark g on 11/30/2022
Shipped quickly received, pretty fresh, overall when I buy two bags here it's fresher and competitively priced

Robert M on 07/15/2020
Great tobacco. Tried a few of the common brands before finding this. Golden harvest is consistently a nice soft shag with a nice fine cut and very little stems. And a great smooth full flavor without being too harsh or heavy.

Kodie U on 04/25/2020
Nice clean smooth drags. No harshness to it. Barely any sticks and stems what so ever. Great tobacco overall

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