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Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Green 6 oz
Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Green 6 oz
Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Green 6 oz

Proudly made and packaged in the U.S.A., Golden Harvest is a reputable brand in the industry, making quality tobaccos at affordable prices. You’ll love their Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Green 6oz if you enjoy a minty cool flavor combined with enticing tobacco. Combining quality tobacco with a smooth, minty fresh flavor, Golden Harvest’s Green blend is simply irresistible! Whether you love mint tobacco regularly or like to use it occasionally, you’ll find that Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Green 6oz will more than satisfy your cravings. The blend is still refreshing and bold, while still keeping the perfect aromatic balance. The minty flavor at the end is intoxicating and you’ll find yourself craving a smoke morning, noon and night! Each bag of Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Green 6oz is packaged in such a way to ensure minimal shake and maximum value, so that you get more tobacco goodness in every bag!

Rouseco Tobacco
Golden Harvest
6oz Bag

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Top Customer Reviews

Mark A on 12/02/2020

Jessica S on 10/13/2020
Very nice, rolls well, keeps its flavor. Much like a national brand. Will buy again.

Rhonda R on 07/24/2020
Great FRESH Tobacco at GREAT Price!

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