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Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Green 16 oz
Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Green 16 oz
Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Green 16 oz

Golden Harvest is a well known name in the tobacco market, so know that you’re getting a quality product at an amazing price! Their Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Green 16oz is filled with robust tobacco flavor and topped off with some tangy mint. Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Green 16oz combines quality tobacco with a smooth minty fresh flavor. The blend is strong and refreshing, while still maintaining an amazing aromatic balance. Each bag of Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Green 16oz is packaged tightly to ensure that you get maximum value with minimal shake. This means more delicious tobacco laced with mint in each bag! You’ll love the bold flavors Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco Green 16oz provides you whenever you find the urge to light up. Plus, Golden Harvest doesn’t use a lot of additives or fillers in their blends, so that you get a perfect smoke with each puff you take.

Rouseco Tobacco
Golden Harvest
16oz(1lb) Bag

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Top Customer Reviews

Danne B on 12/13/2023
These tobacco products are excellent! Thank you!!! Have happy holidays!!

Joanna S on 07/12/2023

Lyndon J on 07/03/2023
Good Quality.

Albert M on 03/21/2023
My husband loves this tobacco first time trying it and never tried another brand since!! Love it

Kandy N on 02/04/2023
More minty than menthol which makes all the difference imo. And I've tried many. Closest thing you'll find to Newports with regular tubes Salem's ligher tubes and Kools with menthol tubes. I smoke Newport and I've had people ask me for cigarettes in the past and they did not even know they weren't Newport till I told them

David D on 07/04/2022

Casey S on 06/09/2021
Good taste but just too fine cut I guess dusty?

David M on 08/10/2020
One of my favorites.

Anthony G on 07/12/2020

Jackie H on 04/18/2020

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