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Kentucky Select Silver Pipe Tobacco 16oz
Kentucky Select Silver Pipe Tobacco 16oz

Buy Any 6 Bags of Kentucky Select Tobacco 16oz Save $0.50/Bag!

Kentucky Select Silver Pipe Tobacco 16oz

Smokers appreciate that Kentucky Select uses the best, all-natural tobaccos around. Kentucky Select Silver Pipe Tobacco 16oz is no different and provides a unique flavor that you’ll literally crave. If you love an easy and smooth smoking experience then you need Kentucky Select Silver Pipe Tobacco 16oz. The Silver is Kentucky Select’s smoothest blend and is amazing for the casual or novice smoker. Even veterans that prefer an easier or more relaxing experience will love this blend! Each bag of Kentucky Select Silver Pipe Tobacco 16oz offers a unique smoking experience thanks to the innovative processing methods that really bring out the blend’s all-natural tobacco flavors. You’ll get an uncompromised smoke with every puff you take of this excellent blend. Kentucky Select Silver Pipe Tobacco 16oz uses the best and readily available American-grown tobacco leaves that will provide a smooth taste and even burn for an affordable price.

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Top Customer Reviews

Kevin F on 01/23/2024
It does taste a bit better than the American Club and does have a nice cut to it. Has a bit of stems in it, but that seems to be the trend these days. I would pick this over Gambler. My last two bags of Gambler were terrible. I ripped tube after tube. I am done with Gambler for good.

Stephanie V on 10/06/2023

Darlene S on 07/29/2023

James L on 08/28/2022
Cut is very good for ryo, but the flavor is bland, and similar to "FSC" cigarettes requires relighting. So... gave 15.9 ozs away. I can not recommended.

Joe B on 05/17/2022
Great tobacco. Smooth and rolls great

Owen O on 02/23/2022

JOHN C on 12/15/2021
KS brands are the only tobaccos I use. Very few sticks and always good

Steph P on 11/18/2021
Typically buy the Good Stuff, it's what's available by me. Kentucky select is a nice change. The cut is not as fine and it always seems fresher to me. LIke the flavor as well. Product arrived quickly!

John F on 09/09/2021
Great flavor, perfect cut for RYO machine. Fast shipment and delivery.

Marc T on 08/20/2021

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