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Kentucky Select Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz
Kentucky Select Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz

Buy Any 6 Bags of Kentucky Select Tobacco 16oz Save $0.50/Bag!

Kentucky Select Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz

Traditional tobacco enthusiasts will love the boldness that Kentucky Select Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz provides. This pound bag of quality, premium tobacco is just what you need to stuff your pipe or your carton of tubes with the best tobacco imaginable! As bold and full flavored blend, Kentucky Select Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz features a medium-cut tobacco with minimal shake. What many appreciate about the product is that it doesn’t achieve its amazing flavor from chemicals, but from natural tobacco. Each bag of Kentucky Select Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz is made using a unique method that really brings out all the natural flavors that you’ll literally crave. Offering an uncompromised smoke, Kentucky Select Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz uses American-grown tobacco leaves that provides a smooth taste and an even burn. As one of the more popular brands on the market, you’ll not only love its great flavor, but also its affordable price.

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Kentucky Select
Full Flavor

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Top Customer Reviews

Dan M on 12/14/2023
Not as bold as advertised.

Sharon C on 10/19/2023
I will continue to purchase this brand. My only complaint is that the seal always tears away from the package causing exposure to the air making it dry out. It would be greatly appreciated if that could be remedied. Air tight packaging should be a priority.

Lance E on 08/28/2023
my fav, smooth. my lungs like it.

Carl E on 06/30/2023
Very tasteful tobacco.

Douglas V on 01/10/2023
Good service. Fast shipping.

Aleksandr R on 12/19/2022

Debra T on 12/13/2022

Greg L on 11/09/2022
Came in time. My favorite brand

HARVEY M on 08/23/2022

Richard J on 08/19/2022

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