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Kentucky Select Mint Green Pipe Tobacco 16oz
Kentucky Select Mint Green Pipe Tobacco 16oz

Buy Any 6 Bags of Kentucky Select Tobacco 16oz Save $0.50/Bag!

Kentucky Select Mint Green Pipe Tobacco 16oz

When selecting the best menthol tobacco option on the market, stop trying to find the best and just select Kentucky Select Mint Green Pipe Tobacco 16oz! You’ll find that the strong and lasting menthol flavor will send your taste buds into a frenzy! Besides a traditional menthol flavor that is well balanced and refreshing, you’ll adore how it’s combined with a full-bodies tobacco that really makes it a sharp and hearty smoke. Even if you’re not a menthol smoker, but only like it on occasion, you’ll find that Kentucky Select Mint Green Pipe Tobacco 16oz is simply the best! Each bag of Kentucky Select Mint Green Pipe Tobacco 16oz is made using a unique method that really brings out the natural flavors of the tobacco blend for one amazing smoke! It’s a great everyday tobacco that you’ll want to use in your pipe or favorite cigarette tubes. Made in North Carolina using he best American-grown tobacco leaves, Kentucky Select Mint Green Pipe Tobacco 16oz not only tastes good, but is also

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Kentucky Select
Mint Green

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Robert H on 07/11/2022

kelii S on 04/12/2022

Tom C on 12/10/2021

Amy T on 10/01/2021

Jeff H on 04/05/2021

Michael S on 02/23/2021

bruce g on 01/22/2021

Cynthia E on 12/09/2020
After trying 8 different brands of mentholated pipe tobacco, Kentucky Select is my favorite. Smooth, rich taste. Few stems in the pouch. Clean and fresh. Until I quit smoking, this is the tobacco I'll be buying.

Sardor K on 09/27/2020
Hello! To be honest I don't like a menthol tobacco because of a huge headache after I smoke a few regular cigarettes. I bought a small bag of Mint green and I would like to say that was the best ryo cigarettes I ever tried. No headaches, no any discomfort at all. Taste is good and smooth, also. I highly reccomend this tobacco!

Jamie M on 09/14/2020
The products come in a timely matter, thankyou

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