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Kentucky Select Gold Pipe Tobacco 6oz
Kentucky Select Gold Pipe Tobacco 6oz
Kentucky Select Gold Pipe Tobacco 6oz

Made in North Carolina, Kentucky Select Gold Pipe Tobacco 16oz uses the finest American-grown tobacco leaves in all of its bags. Combining an even burn and a smooth taste, you’ll thoroughly enjoy smoking some Kentucky Select Gold Pipe Tobacco 16oz in either your pipe or rolled cigarettes. If you like lighter smokes, then you’ll adore that this blend is softer and less harsh than Kentucky Select’s full flavored Red blend. You’ll get a more natural flavor profile and traditional aftertaste, making Kentucky Select Gold Pipe Tobacco 16oz an easier every day smoke. Each bag of Kentucky Select Gold Pipe Tobacco 16oz is made using a unique processing method that really brings out all the natural flavors for an uncompromising smoke. You’ll find yourself craving the amazing flavor that’s also very affordable. You won’t have to break the bank to indulge in your smoking habit! You can buy your go-to blend in bulk so that you never have to run out!

Wind River Tobacco
Kentucky Select
6oz Bag

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Ryan S on 05/10/2022

Cynthia E on 12/09/2020

Andrew F on 06/08/2020

Jessica B on 03/26/2019
Great, in every category! Very excited to try other types from this company. Literally nothing bad or even mediocre here, just a very well made product, that is clearly created by someone that knows what they're doing. Flavor is smooth and light, but still somehow robust. An absolutely well rounded tobacco, that makes me want to keep coming back for more with it's wonderful complexities. Kaffka Approved Product

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