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Largo Pipe Tobacco Menthol 16oz
Largo Pipe Tobacco Menthol 16oz
Largo Pipe Tobacco Menthol 16oz

Not only will Largo Mint Pipe Tobacco 16oz enlighten your senses with a minty fresh flavor, but it will refresh your smoking experience. The minty delivery will rejuvenate your taste buds with every inhale you take. Largo Mint Pipe Tobacco 16oz boasts an even, ribbon-cut texture that burns evenly and smoothly every time you light it. You’ll find that it delivers a comforting medium-mild smoke with every puff you take. It’s made using a perfect balance of air-cured and brightleaf tobaccos, providing a sensational tobacco flavor profile that’s topped off with delicious mint. You’ll be impressed that it also features a non-aromatic and low-room note scent. It’s easy on the throat and enjoyable for your taste buds. Not to mention it’s also easy on your wallet given it’s an affordable blend that won’t break the bank. You’ll be able to buy several bags of Largo Mint Pipe Tobacco 16oz and won’t have to worry about going over your budget.

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