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Largo Pipe Tobacco Menthol 6oz
Largo Pipe Tobacco Menthol 6oz
Largo Pipe Tobacco Menthol 6oz

You’ll absolutely fall head over heels in love with Largo Mint Pipe Tobacco 6oz! As one of the best menthol products on the market, Largo Mint Pipe Tobacco 6oz provides a refreshing finish to your smoking experience with a cool blast of mint. But the minty flavor isn’t very overpowering and it’s the perfect end to a satisfying smoke. Largo Mint Pipe Tobacco 6oz boasts an even, ribbon-cut texture that burns perfectly. It’s smooth, burns evenly and consistently for one of the best smokes you’ve ever had in your life. It’s perfect for both filling your pipe and for using in rolling your own cigarettes. You’ll get a comforting, medium-mild smoke every time you light up and a satisfying minty cool flavor that will intoxicate your senses. It’s packaged into a resealable 6oz bag that will keep the product fresh for days. You’ll also love that it’s super affordable, allowing you to indulge in premium tobacco without having to pay premium pricing.

Republic Tobacco
6oz Bag

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