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Largo Pipe Tobacco Sun Grown 6oz
Largo Pipe Tobacco Sun Grown 6oz
Largo Pipe Tobacco Sun Grown 6oz

Everybody’s trying to go natural these days and you should, too, by opting for Largo Natural Pipe Tobacco 6oz. At the end of the day, isn’t tobacco better in its natural form? We think so and so does Largo, which is why they offer such a divine product for those that do, too! Not only is it free of any additives, it’s also one of the best tasting natural tobaccos you’ve ever tried. It features impeccable flavor and taste that will intoxicate your senses. As an ideal morning, noon and night tobacco blend, you’ll want to throw out all your other blends because this one will be your new favorite. Made using the perfect balance of Burley and Virginia tobaccos, Largo Natural Pipe Tobacco 6oz is perfectly blended to burn evenly and consistently. It’s perfect for stuffing your pipe or for using in your rolled cigarettes. It has a mild to medium strength profile and is easy on your throat for a heightened smoking experience.

Republic Tobacco
6 oz Bag

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david j on 08/17/2022

Rodney M on 05/20/2022
The largo sungrown is a finer shred so it's good for making your own smokes. The taste is a little chocolaty or maybe mocha? to me but not bad at all. Not a lot of unwanted stuff in it either.

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